My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 2

Well, so much for a motivated start. It’s 5:25 pm here, so there is still a possibility of me running or exercising at some point. But let me be honest, on a typical day, if I don’t exercise at my two year old’s nap time, I don’t exercise. So today I’ll talk about point number two of how I got to where I am today.

I have three beautiful, wonderful (all three came out around 10 lbs), adorable children. I may have had “baby fat” and just, really enjoyed food before- but now while I’m changing a massive blow out diaper, stopping my daughter from crying because she used blue-green on her princess coloring instead of green, and trying to get my oldest son to understand that racing his sister on their bikes isn’t necessarily fair because she is on training wheels and he isn’t- a fucking hot brownie or a stiff drink with root beer at the end of the day just makes all the background noise, just- fade away for a good half hour. Or a maybe a truffle. Or six.

This is my every day life people.

And I love it. I love my children. They are the apple of my eye, but let me put it this way- you know that online quiz that asks “How many children should YOU have??” When I took it, it said ZERO. (I mean, come on- I think Family Guy is a fantastic cartoon for kids to watch when they’re under two because they won’t remember, right? Just because my daughter could sing the intro to ‘Cleveland Brown’ by three, that’s not actually like, “bad,” right?)

Back to the fat. When my husband and I get away on date nights, we may order plates full of food. Two appetizers, a dessert, a platter of sushi for five, yes, a bit excessive, but THIS IS OUR BREAK. It’s our hour to really enjoy the outside world!! With out the (wonderful, and they’re adorable and great children) consistent need of three others to tend to!! I’m not asking for sympathy. I’ve made my bed and I’ll have to get out of the warmness of it, and just stay on a treadmill, but I am explaining. And maybe through that I’ll recognize the habit and work to adjust. And dear god, don’t tell me the calories. I am a smart, modern woman of 29 (til tomorrow) and I have read, and learned all about healthy eating. What’s killing me is the want to. As in, I don’t want to most of the time. No matter what your life is, we all have stress. We all have something that we put up with that while still a great life, is hard or just trying. Food is a part of my escape. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

I need this.  I need to be healthy. I need to be a better example for my children because I don’t want them to have this problem. As of right now, none of my children are over weight, and if I have any hope of them maintaining a healthy life style, I have to jump on this train. ::sigh::

Anyways- to wrap this up- today I have a friend over. For breakfast I had a Starbucks toffee something or rather that was delicious. And a spinach quiche (spinach!! eh? eh??), lunch was two chicken schwarmas. I haven’t made dinner yet, but I’m thinking something with chicken and rice. I have pre made salad in there. I’ll probably put my chicken over that. I will probably have wine tonight. My friend is still here and I feel like a chick flick is in order. I did not exercise yet. We covered that. I had a few more coffees, and not enough water. I did take vitamins though (Ka-pow! Whaaaat?).

Oh, and I did run yesterday… for about 10 minutes. It was at 9pm. That is all.


One comment on “Day 2

  1. Tiff Stacy
    December 19, 2014

    Chris is always telling me the best exercise is running… I beg to differ but I know it’s a fast way to burn as many of the “c” word as possible.. ugh!! I LOATHE running. I’m the self proclaimed “If I’m running you’d better be running too because there’s an ax murderer chasing me” type. Also I don’t wanna run down the road in the cold and I don’t wanna go to a gym.. F***! Just had to put my two cents in there lol

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