My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 6 (I WORK OUT!)

This morning, with a gut wrenching feeling of, “I have no idea what I’m getting myself into,” I made myself get up, put on work out clothes, feed the kids, and head off to work out with my trainer. The way this works, as I came to find out, is I am going to her house, and a group of women work out in this set up called “the Box” (hehe). After being a little anxious about meeting everyone, I ended up almost instantly liking the women I am about to work out with every day. With out skipping a beat we were talking about our husbands, sex, work outs, EP, and pee.

It was more than a girl like me could have ever hoped for.

I was there a little early so I got to watch my trainer* finish her work out. It was awesome. I saw this incredibly real woman, finish her work out, like a bad ass (Omg, yup, calling her Bad Ass for now). Bad Ass struggled for some of  the end of it, but not in a bad way. In an awesome, “I’m not one of those “thin since birth” women, I’m real, and I’m working at my fitness too” way that makes me feel way more comfortable.

There is one part today that particularly stuck out to me today. It sold me on this program and was during the toughest part of the work out. We were doing five reps of a set of work outs. It was five burpees, twenty push ups, and 60 times jumping rope. EACH TIME. That is five times I did that work out. The warm up- whatever. The doing the holding the bar and adding weights to it thing (whatever that’s called)- cool, I got that. Twenty push ups over and over?? Stick a fork in me guys. This Clydesdale is cooked.

But… I finished. I did it all. And she encouraged me to do so by putting it in a perspective I didn’t think of before.

I was doing my push-ups and collapsed down for a second, you know, for air, (totally normal, right?) and I said, “I am a heavy bitch.” (And I laughed, I didn’t mean it in like a derogatory way). She said, “I remember doing that, it was tough!! I just think about adding seventy pounds to myself and doing the work outs I do. That is not easy!” Boom. Instantly I felt like I was the bad ass. It made my fat an ally. My fat is now the extra weight that is going to help me lose weight and gain muscle. I never thought about it that way. My fat is literally my asset in this case. It is tough. I am sore already, I can’t even imagine tomorrow. But I can not wait to go there again with these women and see what else I can make my body do. My take away- don’t be afraid to try something new or intimidating. It might be awesome.

I’m going to wrap up today with some pro-tips. If you do burpees and you scrape your knee a little in the process, reconsider getting a leg wax after. It will hurt. Pro-tip #2- In the Middle East, spas are cheap and are willing to rub your legs and give you hour long massages for next to nothing. If you’re going to start working out (anywhere, not just here, but especially here since it’s so cheap) get a massage from time to time. Worth it.

I had oatmeal for breakfast, these vegetarian buffalo wings for lunch, and I haven’t cooked dinner yet. I have lots of veggies and salad in there so I’ll probably make use of that. I’ll probably make spaghetti for the kids. The new diets calls for me to get rid of a lot of my food so I might as well use some of it up before I donate it all. I drank a good amount of water, but probably not enough. I drank two coffees so far. Still have to take my vitamins. On that.

Signing out.

*For the moment I am going to keep specific names and group titles anonymous. I don’t want to endorse any thing specific as of yet, and I don’t want to make this about doing that. It’s about what it’s like to be fat, and start working out. And eating healthy. And all that good junk. That’s it.


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