My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 8 (So you think you can hang?)

This morning I woke up and genuinely almost didn’t go. I was really sore and honestly, my husband had just come home and it was our first day waking up together. To leave that bed was (almost) the hardest thing I did today. I showed up because I am dedicated not only to myself but to you faithful reader. I can’t imagine not going on now and doing this whole thing. I’m too far in.

I showed up just in time to start the work out. Today she said she was going to make us earn our Christmas meals. Bad Ass showed a little of her evil side today. I feel lucky because while I had to do the whole work out, I got to do the level one-est of the level one’s.

Before starting it I had told Bad Ass that I wanted to actually attempt level two (a little more weight, a little more repetitions) because yesterday I felt like I could have used more weight and stuff like that. I felt like I could have pushed harder. So I thought  I was going to try level two today. Today’s work out started out with a 400mm medicine ball run…  My saving grace is that one of the girls I’m currently working out with is eight months pregnant. She stayed with me with the attitude of “no man left behind. ” Guys. An eight month pregnant lady whooped my ass in some running and working out today. 

Then we have five work outs- you could do 25, 50, or 75 of each work out. The work outs were a kettle ball thrusting thing, push up’s, this medicine pall sit-up thing (she let me do just sit ups thank every thing holy), and this dropping and lifting a disc weight which I did a fifteen pound one. I’m pretty sure i’m missing a work out, but whatever it was, I did that too*, On top of that, every two minutes this timer would ding and we had to drop and do two burpees. I did not do fifty of any of those. My ass struggled doing 25, and the burpees. and just the whole damn thing. Then to end it, we had to do a second medicine ball run. 

Positive- I told Bad Ass I was really sore. She said she was really glad I showed up then because working out will loosen the soreness. That was true. I wore my wedge heeled boots out today and was fine. I probably would have hurt a lot more if I tried to stay home.

Negative- I have a huge villa. There are three floors and in between the floors there are two staircases. These have become my mortal enemy. Also- laundry is on the third floor. Just… fuck man. Really?

I had left over lamb chops for breakfast, and a grapefruit. I had salmon and a huge thing of asparagus for lunch, I cheated like all hell for dinner and had fried chicken. I had two chocolates today from the left over Germany stuff, and told my husband to hide whatever other chocolate is in the house. I am also having drinks tonight. I am having orange juice and whipped cream flavored vodka. It tastes like an orange creamsicle and it’s one of my fav’s. I made it “healthier” by having the orange juice. I usually have it with root beer and it tastes like a root beer float.

On that note, Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! Thank you so much for reading and being a part of this, and I wish you and your family a happy night.

Signing out.

*It was squats. It was m*ther f*cking squats.


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