My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 13 (atonement day)

Today was brutal. It was good, but it was brutal.

I went in today thinking I was lifting and learning some new forms, but instead, I ran again.* I ran the 5k. Okay, okay, I walked parts of it, but I went from 55 minutes down to 47 even. I cursed for a while during it but all in all I understand why it happened, and I’m glad I got a chance to push myself more.

Side notes on running-

Running on a treadmill is completely different than running on the road. I’ve heard this before a bunch of times, but I didn’t understand how. Running a treadmill is like trying to keep up with the road. Controlled, leg by leg, jumping if you will.

Running on the street is actually trying to push the road behind you because you are fucking sick of running and if you can get some distance behind you maybe it won’t be so damn bad for so long.

My saving grace is that there was a speed walker on the road and my goal was to stay ahead of him, and stay ahead decently well. I did accomplish that.

Also, I want to say that if you can find a group of women to work out with, it is so much damn better. Two of the women who were still at the gym actually came out and met me at the end. They ran back with me, and then opened the door for me so I could run in and yell, “TIME.” I can not put in words how grateful I am for that.

I ate well today. I went out for Chinese and skipped the rice. It had a lot of vegetables in it and was delicious. I made a chicken and vegetable spaghetti thing for dinner. It’s a twist on a peanut satay. The veggies were green beans and broccoli.

Tomorrow I have a three hour work out. I have a feeling walking will be hard afterward.

Signing out.

Bad Ass made me. She knew I didn’t give it my all yesterday and wanted me to prove to myself I could do it. “Bad Ass” shall now be named “Ass Kicker.”


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