My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 15

Today was a very tough work out. When I looked at it, I honestly did not think I could do it all.* So I just went through it one thing at a time and ended up knocking it out.

There’s this one work out we do called “box jumps.” Remember the thing I said that was like widening the birth canal as you step up on this wooden box? Yeah. That. Today we had to do 31 of these, and I started with the stepping, but I really wanted to try and actually jump it.

I am a big girl. The idea of falling on concrete from this height, backwards and flat on my ass is terrifying. I asked Ass Kicker if I could hold her shoulder. She said, “Nope.” The piece of advice I did get was to stop looking at the box.

So I looked past the box, and gave it a shot. Ladies and Gentlemen, I fucking landed on my feet on top of that box. Ass Kicker did hold out her arm and I did grab it, but I did not bust my ass. At least not today!! I did one more with her arm, and one or two more on my own. I’m still not entirely comfortable with it, but just knowing I can do it is the craziest and most awesome feeling. The adrenaline from doing it actually got me through the rest of the stepping up and down in almost no time. It was incredible.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and I plan on having sushi. Tomorrow I start thirty days of “clean eating.” No preservatives, no processed foods, no added sugars, no dairy, no processed legumes, no grains…

No alcohol… (Lots of colorful expletives.) Thirty days of me with no alcohol.** I can’t even.

So this will be fun. Updates coming.

Happy New Year everyone! Here is to a fantastic 2015!!! I’m looking forward to seeing how these changes pay off. To seeing what this year brings.

Signing out.

* The work out was all different things for each letter in “Happy New Years.” And we had to do 31 of each. If the CIA is still considering torturing people, they should contact Ass Kicker. A few goblet squats with her (squatting while holding a kettle bell) and they’ll tell her anything. Anyways, the main picture today is the work out. The first one is a “sumo dead lift hand press.” In case you were wondering.

** My poor children…


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