My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 16 (Day 1 of 30 day diet)

This is already pretty terrible. Let me not lie. Part of it is that I didn’t prepare enough. I didn’t get all the shopping done that I needed done. However, no one else in my house is doing this with me. So that makes it a little extra tough. I’m already moody and hungry. Like, that new “hangry” word you see which mixes “hungry” and “angry.” Well whoever made up that word was spot on.

I like food. I love food. I love trying new foods. Have you ever watched Bizarre Foods? I’m Andrew Zimmerman, but female and I don’t get paid for it. I’ll try anything and I usually like it. I love going out and exploring new foods.

Dammit. I need to stop whining. I just want to eat everything.

Welp. No one is going to fix this weight thing for me. I have to stay the course. I want to stay the course. The whole point is to learn how to eat healthier. How to control the cravings for massive portions. There is nothing I can’t conquer!!! NOTHING!!

This is going to be a fun month.

I had eggs for breakfast, salmon and broccoli for lunch, and I don’t know what I’m having for dinner yet. But it’ll be meat and veggies.

Signing out.


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