My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 17

Some days are just less eventful than others. My husband is off his vacation today so that’s a thing. I enjoy having him around, he’s pretty much my bestie in life. Normally this is a time I would reach for comfort food. He is not out to sea right now so he’ll be home at night. Still my norm is to self-comfort with food. With Christmas just passed we certainly still have a ton of chocolate.* That would have been devoured.

But in day two of the diet I seem to have found my self control. I’m still hungry, but I do eat til I’m “satisfied.” I think I really have to learn the difference between the two. It’s just weird. It feels like what a girl in my condition would call starving but I know that isn’t it. Is this what skinny people feel all the time? I doubt it, but maybe? It pretty much sucks. I wonder if general self control just feels different to different people. How can I describe it? It’s like I know there’s food in there but I also got punched in the gut. I’m not nauseated, it’s just, sore. I could “reason” it away and just say my stomach is healing from all the junk. It’s plausible. Eh. Whatever.

Now I just have to get past the holing up in the house temptation** and stay active. I am definitely more glad for my trainer at the moment. Something she said to me really is comforting. She said she wouldn’t let me quit. That she would come hunt me down. I have intention of making her do that, but it felt good to hear it. She is pretty much amazing.

I had eggs and left over peppers for breakfast. I had lamb chops and onions and peppers for lunch, and chicken and cauliflower for dinner. I put nutritional yeast (tastes just like cheddar), salt and pepper on it. It was pretty delicious to be honest.

Signing out.

* Thank goodness for some love making. All my other guilty pleasures are gone for the month. A girl needs something at the end of the day. Geeeeeez.

** Did you know they released all of Friends on Netflix? Yeeeeeeah buddy.


3 comments on “Day 17

  1. highwayscholar
    January 2, 2015

    I like your blog 🙂 And I wonder the exact same thing about skinny people!! Do they always feel generally a little hungry?? And they’re just OK with that?? lol


    • Noel Marie Ross
      January 2, 2015

      Thank you!! And seriously. How the hell are they ever happy? I have no idea. I’m working on figuring it out though! Here’s to hoping the constant hangry goes away. 😉


  2. Ryan Mackie
    January 2, 2015

    Just eat what you need and not what you want. Kick who needs kicking and Hug or kiss who needs hug and kissing. I take that back. Don’t kick anyone….lol Stay strong!


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