My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 21

Have you ever just been moody? I feel moody today. Oh the fun of being a woman. I have no idea what the cause is exactly. Is it the working out? Probably not, though I am sore.* Is it the lack of processed foods and sugars? That’s entirely possible. It is a huge kink in my average life. Which is ok, it was obviously an unhealthy life, but today is the first day I miss it. I mean, really really miss it. I would do things for chocolate or a drink right now. I ache, I’m moody, and my IDGAF is on and roaring. Is it just getting close to “that time?” Maybe. That doesn’t really matter. All I know is the cravings are strong today, and I don’t much care for it.

This morning I started out ok. I definitely debated not going to work out today because I am just sore, not because I didn’t want to. I do genuinely like going to this work out.** We did front squats, this crazy kneeling to box jump thing, and then three rounds of dead lifts, ring dips and double unders.*** Today is the first time I’ve shed tears. Every day I’ve been doing squats, and running and all this craziness**** and in one of the areas where we could do ring dips, my legs were relatively close to the ground. I am not able to lift my weight so I appreciate that I was able to have my legs down, but how low I was hurt every part of my legs. Ass Kicker encouraged me to finish my 15 reps there (which I’m grateful for in a weird masochistic way) but after that I was able to be a little higher and it was 100% better. I could concentrate on my arms and doing the lifts.

After that I went to the spa and got a wax and massage. The lady worked me over and it was crazy painful but it was good (also in a probably masochistic way) and now I’m just resting. I’m taking a hot bath tonight, and then heading to work out again in the morning.

Today I had beef sausage and an egg for breakfast, a half chicken grill for lunch (skipped the four large pieces of naan bread, which I normally love btw) and I’m cooking steak, asparagus and one other veggie. Not sure what yet.

Signing out.

* Like, reeeeally really sore. I cry a little when I move right now. Not like, sharp bad pain, but just sore.

** Though I am beginning to be apprehensive as I’m walking towards the gym. Ass Kicker is in no way afraid to bring the pain. Every day seems to be a big challenge where I need to push myself more than I ever have before. Every. Day.

*** I’m not there yet, I’ve been jump roping for now.

**** Not bad craziness. Good craziness. I only consider it craziness because before the only time I was squatting was to sit.


2 comments on “Day 21

  1. smithiechick
    January 8, 2015

    Do you take days off from working out? I’m no expert, but I read that taking days off is imperative to building muscle- it gives your muscles time to repair before you use them again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Noel Marie Ross
      January 8, 2015

      Absolutely! The plan is Friday’s and Saturday’s (thats the weekend here in Bahrain). Then appointment days or whatever random things come up. The point is that I don’t let a million “good reasons” stop me from my general goal. That has been my pattern before. As hard as it is to keep going, I think it’s even harder to start again after “stopping” whatever the plan was.


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