My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 24

Something I’ve been thinking about is when we lack the self control to eat healthy, would locks on refrigerators fix it, or hurt the cause?

I saw this article about a timed, locked box that will not open until the time is up. Apparently it’s supposed to be amazing for controlling portions and giving you the ability to not have the cookie even when you want it. It states that the craving will go away after fifteen or so minutes once you have found something else to do.

Clearly whoever designed this hasn’t met a fatty of my caliber. If I’m going to have a cookie, I’m going to have a damn cookie. I would probably be pissed if someone bought that for me. Of course I could think of practical applications for it like putting a child’s toy in it for a time out, but for a cookie??

I will not likely give up my bad habits until I have the drive to do so. I honestly think neither will you. Unless you are finally in a place where you have had enough of whatever is ailing you, you may not stop doing it. You might think six cookies in a sitting is light weight.

I never would have stopped myself from snacking. I snack all the time. I’ve told myself a hundred times not to do it, and then justified and reasoned away at why this bite was ok. But with this 30 day challenge, I have been motivated to do it, because nothing else I have been trying has worked. I’m now ok with letting someone else take the reigns for a while, so I can learn a thing or two. One of the stipulations was no snacking. You know I had no idea just how much I was snacking? On terrible foods, and I mean constantly.

This may not be “politically correct,” but for me being a fatty has been on par with being a cigarette smoker. People know if gives them cancer, but if they aren’t ready to quit, a lock box sure as hell isn’t going to stop them. Smokers can have other wise incredibly productive lives, as can fatties. But there’s that one feel good moment that just, is really hard to give up. And it’s usually knee deep in chips and dip, or ice cream, or sushi, or whatever hits that spot at that moment. It’s just more complicated than giving up a food, or exercising every day. It’s a life long commitment, because for you, letting go of that control for too long of a moment, can plunge you right back into “two packs a day” eating.

People. The struggle is real.

Signing off.

PS- Food I ate today- lamb for breakfast with salad. It was left overs. Lunch was some plantain empanadas with chicken and salsa that my FG gave my the other day. It was amazing. Dinner with a “burger” but with lettuce wrapped around it and a salad on the side with red onion and mustard. I really do like that. Don’t judge me.

WHAT I DID NOT EAT TODAY THAT I WANTED: cheese, ranch dressing, thousand island dressing, fried chicken fingers, French fries, regular creamer in my coffee, ice cream, chocolate anything, the list goes on.


3 comments on “Day 24

  1. smithiechick
    January 9, 2015

    That’s awesome that you’re documenting what you didn’t eat that you really wanted to! I’ve never seen that done before- it seems like a really great way to reflect on and reward your self-control. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before (you’ve probably already heard of the strategy) but what about having a “cheat day”? I read they don’t mess up weight loss endeavors, and can be a good day to look forward to when cravings get bad…you know, the whole, “Friday is my cheat day, Friday I will eat that, Friday…soon…” Also, I’ve read that if you’re going to have “junk,” that breakfast is the best time to do it, because you have all day to work it off- also when breakfast is huge (and I mean like, dinner time huge), you barely eat anything else the rest of the day. It’s like magic. Went to a breakfast buffet last week around 9-10 am and then didn’t eat anything again until like 5 pm!


  2. otempura
    January 9, 2015

    Loved this this post butbinwas curious about the “chocolate anything” part at the end. Cutting out everything you love to eat sounds horrible. You can be healthg and still have a bite of chocolate. Just choose which kinds are good: a granola/fiber bar with chocolate in it or even a chocolate covered bana or almond is just fine. In moderation! 🙂 don’t torture yourself.


    • Noel Marie Ross
      January 10, 2015

      Well, I’m currently doing a 30 day challenge called the Whole30. It’s essentially cutting out all extra sugars, grains, dairy, and preservatives. I obviously won’t eat strict like this for the rest of my life, but I am incredibly surprised how hard it is to cut out those things. I am learning a lot so I’ll call it a win.

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