My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 26 (ENERGY)

So the first ten days of the healthy food challenge had been pretty hard to go through. Between feeling yucky, hungry, hangry, just all around like a honey badger, and tired, it was a difficult time in my life.

Today I feel really good. I got up and just got ready for my work out. I didn’t feel the “impending doom,” or dread that usually would hint in. The work out was very difficult but I went through burpees in what I think was a pretty record time for me. I did what feels like a million front squats today, and that was just, the devil, but I accomplished it! I mean, realistically, I go in to my work out every day, look at the work out of the day, and say to myself, “I can’t do that. I’m not there yet.”

And then I do it.

I have been getting to the point of feeling nauseated towards the end of almost every work out, but I finish it.

Now I’m at home, and looking at my home (which I’ve get a little out of hand in my honey badger days) and in like, “Hey. I have the energy to do all this.”

Now granted, I could probably* still sit on my ass all day. But I don’t want to. I practically want to go and look in the mirror and scream, “WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?”

Normally I have to fight to do even menial things. I have no drive. It’s really hard to live this way. To be a parent this way. But today? Today feels good.

Work out: burpees, front squats, hip thrusters, push ups, ring dips (at an angle), and more front squats.

Food: eggs, salad and salmon and chicken, chicken and steak fajitas, no tortillas.

Food I didn’t eat that I came across today: chocolate, cheese, breads, peanut butter, alcohol

Signing off.

* and easily


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