My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 27

I kind of had to laugh today. At my work out Ass Kicker asked me about my portions because she wanted to make sure I was eating enough food. Legitimate, and I’m glad she was concerned as I’ve essentially hired her to help me improve my health, but I’m laughing because, me?? Out of all the issues I’ve had with weight, starving myself has never been one. I’m not hating. I know everyone has their struggles and that it is a serious issue people face. I was laughing because mine is so far polar opposite of that, it’s just kind of funny.

I mean, I don’t think she was accusing me of being anorexic or anything. I know she had the best intentions (“Noel, one egg for breakfast is not enough, you should have as many as you can hold in your hand,”) and that she is absolutely right. I need bigger breakfasts for sure.

I’ve just… I’ve never been asked that before… And it still kind of makes me giggle. Maybe it just shocked me a little? And let me say, it is 100 times better than being asked if I’m pregnant,* being asked if I’ve heard about [fill in the blank] diet,** or having people politely (or not politely) talk down to me or shuffle past me.

Please. I’ll take “are you eating enough?” every day of the week.

Work out: running, some lifts***, some burpees, lots of squats, push ups, and running. I hate running. But- true story, I am actually getting better at it. I can run a whole 200 meters with out stopping and thinking I’m going to die. After that though, just, still working at it.

Food I ate: eggS. A pile of veggies with salmon on top**** and it was delicious. I still don’t know what I’m making for dinner. (Story of my life.) I really have to get on food planning. It makes sense and it is more efficient. Baby steps guys. Baby steps.

Food I did not eat- nothing was really super tempting today. I probably drink too much coffee with coconut milk, I’ll admit that. And it tastes better every day (no added sweeteners, sugars, preservatives, sugar of any kid, just cinnamon), so that’s a plus. I want bread every day. So I guess there’s that. All in all, I feel good.

Signing off.

* Nope! Just fat. Haha No worries, happens sometimes.

** Either- No! I haven’t, please tell me all about it so I fix the error of my ways and you can be my hero. Or- Yes! I have the book, the EP, and have even done it for an amount of time not shedding a pound ever. But thanks!!

***I really need to study the names and moves, I can’t keep my head straight on those.

**** Check out my Facebook page “My Slow Decent Into Health,” I posted food porn.

Also: my post work out selfie-


Me eating-


And Ryan Gosling. You’re welcome.



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