My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 28

This is to every person who has ever tried to do something difficult, or that felt impossible. There are Debbie Downers out there that want you to think that something is off about you or your method. Forget them. They are, a) miserable themselves, b) having a really bad day (which I try to forgive), or c) just unsociable. I like to think that people are just trying to helpful, but I don’t think they realize how unhelpful they sound when they say, “You’re only losing weight because you’re not eating starches. When you eat starches again, you’re just going to blow back up.”


No. I’m not “not eating starches,” I’m not eating grains. For 30 days. And with how bad I was eating before, it’s actually really nice, for once in my life, I have some control over what’s going into my mouth. Also, I’m working my ass off.* So let’s try not to diminish that.

It’s like going up to someone and saying, “Yeah, I know that’s your Grandmother’s recipe and she passed away, but I use Prego and it’s so much better.

… Well you’re just f*cking special, aren’t you?

So here’s my point- to the average Debbie Downers: You don’t have to be that way. Try giving constructive advice, not just, “oh that won’t work,” with out really listening to what’s actually going on.

To other people with a goal- Don’t give value to just people’s negative words. If they have a point- you’ll find it in your research and you can redirect so it’s constructive. OR they are just being haters and haters gonna hate.**

Things like this used to destroy me. My weight is my weak point. It’s always on me and always on my mind. It’s like carrying around a person that always whispers in your ear, “You can’t do that.”

Since I’ve been working out, and accomplishing these insane work outs, things have been turning around. I’ve just now started to hear, “I can.” And it makes all the difference in the world.

So very politely, hey you average Debbie Downers that like to get in our heads, in the words of Ceelo Green, “Forget you.”

Work out: squats, push ups, snatches,*** pistols (Pistols are the devil. They’re one legged squats. Think about that for a minute. They’re terrifying), dead lifts, and lunges while holding a barbell. My legs and my ass and my lower back hate me right now and I love it. I can practically feel the lean and got person within me.

Food I ate: eggs and Brussel sprouts (Picture on Facebook), salad with salmon chunks, and I’m going to make something with chicken tonight. I’m pretty excited to cook actually.

Food I did not eat today: anything at the food court in the Navy Exchange. Normally I would have hit it up since I was there. Today- I didn’t even look.

Signing off.

*literally. It’s coming off. And lifting. It’s awesome.

**Hate hate hate hate. (Couldn’t help it)

*** that name still makes me giggle.


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