My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 31

Today and tomorrow we have decided to celebrate my daughter’s sixth birthday. Her birthday is next week, but this weekend her Dad is home, so that takes the cake*. Today we went bowling (where I would have had buffalo crispy chicken strips, but didn’t), went to lunch after, (where they had pizza and burgers, and I had a salad) and went to a movie (where the kids had pop corn, the husband had drinks, and I had nothing). Plus they got Baskin Robins. Because everything else wasn’t tempting enough.

Sounds miserable, right?

It really wasn’t that bad. I’ve been with out for a while now, so I think if I can avoid giving in to the degree I used to, I can maintain a healthy lifestyle with out too much trouble. But, I’m pretty sure if at this moment if I gave in just a little too much, I would fatty out like a fat kid at a pastry buffet.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the healthy eating because after that initial terrible couple of weeks, I feel pretty good, every day. Not sure what’s for dinner, but we’re ordering out so I’ll probably make a salad here and steam broccoli and order lamb chops or a chicken grill. I really like Turkish and Arabic foods. They’re pretty simple and taste great.

This probably sounds crazy. I feel crazy saying it. But it really isn’t that bad for me right now. I feel pretty good. Obviously I can’t predict that it’ll be like this every day. That would be foolish. But yeah. I haven’t had any more food dreams, I don’t have any strong cravings for anything, and I feel great. It’s a pretty awesome thing!

Already went over my food, and I didn’t work out today. Felt pretty sore today but not in a terrible way at all. Just, aware of my muscles.

Signing off.

* pun intended.



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