My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 32 (what the challenge is and why I’m telling you about it this once)

Have you ever not been full and said, “probably not enough veggies. Let me steam of broccoli real quick?” I did. Just ten minutes ago. Funny thing is it worked like a charm. I had maybe half of what I steamed and now I’m completely full.

One of the things the Whole 30 healthy eating challenge focuses on is that you can be full on a lot less food than you think. They use the example of eating a prime rib versus eating a box of Oreos. Eating a prime rib you would fill up quick, but eating a box of Oreos, you could finish off a box and want more.*

Why am I telling you now and not at the beginning of the challenge?

Well, because I (still) do not want this blog to be about endorsing one product or diet or work out or anything else of the sort.

We all do things differently, at our own pace, and that’s okay.

Why am I mentioning it now? It’ll probably be the only time I mention it by name, and I’m doing it now because I’m learning valuable things from it, and even if I don’t eat by this strict prescription diet forever (which I probably won’t, and it doesn’t ask me to), it’s worth knowing what I’m looking at, and why it’s working for me.

If you told me a handful or so of meat, and a little over a handful of veggies would have the ability to make me feel full a month ago, heck, two weeks ago, I would have laughed out loud, and told you that you have clearly never seen me at a buffet.

Now I have enough information about food to know why a healthy meat and some veggies with out all the add on’s will fill me up for hours. I don’t need to snack. I can actually control it. It’s working well enough for me that I’m actually willing to talk about exactly what it is, and say, “If you stick with it through the shitty weeks, you can come out on the other side with a new perspective and better information about what you’re eating.”

That’s enough for me. I don’t know exactly what kind of diet I’ll have after. After the challenge is done I’m going to introduce some of the foods again slowly and see how it makes me feel. This doesn’t mean you’ll have the same reactions to these foods if you do it, but I find it valuable to know yourself on that level. Does legumes make me bloat or swell? Does dairy do anything bad to my stomach? What food inflames my intestines? I don’t know.

Before if it tasted good I would just eat. Now I feel like I can learn to eat things that not only taste good, but are good specifically for me. This challenge feels like a reset. Like a fresh start. And it feels good.

At the end of this month, you can expect my first “before and after” picture, and a weigh in. February 1st guys. Two weeks. Crazy.

I’ve put myself in this 100%. While it’s been hard, scary, and extremely trying at times, it has also been completely worth it so far.

Signing off.

* If you want more on the study or the challenge it’s in the book “It Starts With Food.”



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