My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 35

Today I took a day to decompress. It’s the first time I thought about not going to work out and didn’t feel guilty like I was “trying to get out of something.” Today didn’t feel like cheating or trying to quit because I honestly have no intention of quitting. I simply took a day to get out with a girl friend and remember why I love Bahrain. I had to remember that even though sometimes dealing with the separations that a military lifestyle provides is difficult, I am a strong, adventurous, and fun person. I had to remember that this kind of thing should not keep me holed up.

Take a moment to grieve, and keep on keeping on.

I was able to get a salad and sandwich (hold the meat and cheese) at an organic-y restaurant in town. It had some really cool art hung up. It reminded me of a restaurant back in New London, Ct, just, Middle Eastern.





I went to the best local carpet shop here in Bahrain after this and asked the owner (and my friend) what the writing in the one painting said. He said it means “reflection.” That “I am looking at you, you are the same as me, but opposite.” I love that. I may have to go back and see how much they are selling this piece for.

Then at the carpet shop I bought three cashmere rugs for my children and a tapestry. I’ll have to post pictures of those on the Facebook page later on. I am having loops put on the tapestry so I won’t have that until tomorrow. After that we went around to some other of our favorite shops, I got some jewelry (some turquoise, and some silver). I got an Indian cushion for my living room in a great blue color that I love. It already has some wear and tear and I don’t mind that. I feel like that kind of stuff gives it character. You can buy plenty of “perfect” stuff in the US.


The jewelry shops have a lot of amazing stones for great prices and they customize it for you. There are going to be a lot of things I am going to miss about Bahrain. The customer service is unbeatable. Being able to bargain prices you aren’t happy with is pretty amazing. At first I was terrible at it but I’ve had some great mentors that have taught me well.

My friend I hung out with today is moving back stateside in a week. This life style is full of meeting great people that are life long friends, and then having to say “see you later” to them after a relatively short time. I count myself so lucky though. They have been some of the strongest, coolest, most adventuresome women I have ever met and meeting people like them is like being able to reach up and touch the stars.


Food: eggs, avocado, eggplant and sweet potatoes over a salad with oil and vinegar, roast beef with avocado over it. Not sure what’s for dinner yet. I’m thinking salmon though.

Food I didn’t eat: the bread and the cheese. I really don’t feel like I missed out in the least though.

Signing out.


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