My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 37

For the last two days Ass Kicker’s son has been ill*, so I haven’t been going to her gym for my work out. Instead I’ve been doing them at home. I haven’t been able to do the strength training, but the work out of the day for each day has still been challenging and fun. It is harder to keep the intensity going when someone isn’t yelling at you to get moving, but I still feel like I knocked them out really well. I pushed myself, and that always feels good.

For today’s work out, I did 20 burpees, 30 squats and 20 push ups. Then I did wall stands for about 10-15 seconds and 20 sit ups, repeated 10 times. If you told me that I would be willing to do all of that at home at the beginning of this journey, and consider it kind of fun, I would have told you to stop lying.** For the wall stands I went to an open wall, and I put my hands down, face looking at the wall. Then one foot at a time I put my toes up on the wall, and straightened my form. Then I counted it out to 15.*** All in all it was a good time. And I had to wipe off my toe prints from the wall. How often do you get to do that??!

Both days I didn’t work out until I put my youngest down for his nap. It did feel weird not working out first thing. I don’t know if it’s the “addiction” feeling or not, but I definitely felt better once I started. I ached more before my work out than after my work out. That’s crazy too.

Food today was spicy lamb sausage and eggs, a chili/salsa with avocado over green and red grilled peppers, and I’m having a mixed seafood ojja for dinner.****

Signing off.

* Feel better soon little buddy!!


*** because realistically I wasn’t sure if I was doing real 10 seconds at first. I felt like I was all counting on adrenaline or something. Which I probably was. The first couple times was a bit scary. Go ahead, try it. (Or not. If you try it, I am not responsible if you get hurt. You’re grown. You only do it if you are willing to take responsibility for whatever could happen to you.)

**** So much yum. Look up the recipe, so worth it.



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