My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 38

Yoga. I’ve done yoga at home a lot over the years. I don’t think I’ve done one actual class for yoga yet. I’ve done a Pilates class when I was 17, but that was short lived. Even doing it at home, I have always enjoyed it. It’s something I can do, and do pretty well.

I have always been pretty flexible. I guess I can thank my mother for that. Even at her biggest she could keep her legs straight and put her hands flat on the floor. I can do the same thing. I can do that cheerleading scorpion thing, and I never have been on a squad. Ever.

Today I did the p90x yoga* and it was good. It was easier and it was harder. Let me explain.

I can do upward dogs better than I have ever been able to before. All the push ups and burpees have definitely whipped quite a few things into shape that were not. I always had to rest on my thighs before but today I was, at the worst, on my knees. I was able to do it from my feet properly. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a feat. If I didn’t see a positive change before I saw it today.

That being said, I haven’t done yoga since starting to work out, and my muscles were definitely a little stiffer. This is why for me, I think trying to do yoga once a week will be a good thing. I can do this:

But probably not as well as I would like to be able to. I can hold my fingers, but not my wrists. So as you can see, it’s a positive, with a need to avoid a negative, and a few goals. I do need to get some other yoga videos or find a class so it is mixed up a little.

Other positives- I had to clasp my bra one clasp tighter today. If you’re a man, you’re lucky, if you’re a woman, you know this victory and see it is good. I can not wait for the measurement and the weigh in that is coming up. I think it is going to be gooooood.

Food I ate: eggs, I’ll admit I accidentally skipped lunch today. If you’re anything like me, you know that’s an insane thing. It wasn’t intentional. It was, “Okay, kids had grilled cheese and apples, the baby is down, the kids are playing outside now, time to do yoga.” I did however have a lot of broccoli and a good sized steak for dinner.

Food I did not eat: My neighbor and dear friend is moving back stateside. She emptied out her freezer and gave me lots of food. Pies, chocolate chips, sweetened coconut. I can’t even list them anymore. It hurts us.**

Signing out.

* I mean, I still have all the EP. Might as well use some of it.

** Yes. That is a Lord of the Rings, Gollum reference. I’m starting to feel like Gollum’s two personalities are a metaphor for healthy eating and avoiding the bad stuff. If it isn’t, I don’t know what is.

Ps- By the way. I definitely wore yoga pants all day. Or leggings. Same same.



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