My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 39

It’s the weekend, so besides yoga yesterday, this is usually my “work out day off.” I went a little grocery shopping (mostly for the kids) and got a salad while out for lunch. It was my first time really out with my new fun colored hair. I’ve heard a few different ranges of comments, but the one that stuck out today was in the grocery store. This rather good looking, tall, muscle-y man came up to me and said quietly, “I love your hair. I just, love your hair.” I probably went a little red and said thank you to him, and laughed. Then I kept shopping with my three kids. Definitely got some double takes, and if they’re negative, I honestly couldn’t care less. I adore my hair. Haters gonna hate, but the positive so outweighs any negatives.

My clothes are getting more loose, but not quite loose enough to get new ones yet, and that’s okay. It’s a slow process, and it’s one I’m enjoying. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I can still wake up early, I have energy, and while I am really looking forward to having just one sweet thing, I don’t feel like I’m going to over indulge when the challenge ends. The results are so life changing and positive, I don’t see any good reason to go back. I see no good reason to snack all the time. I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmingly hungry as I used to. Making myself not snack at first was torturous. Trying to go to sleep with out ordering that extra burger from Dairy Queen was practically just starving myself,* obviously. Now I look back and I see the “few extra things” I would eat, were actually a lot. I see that while I would justify why it was okay, I would do that almost every day.

I’m a little scared of getting off the challenge, but I’m also anticipating it and hoping to use that anxiety to help control myself. I hope to harness that desire to not “blow back up” into a positive that will guide me in my learning of proper portion control and what is healthy versus what is easy.

Hopefully the healthy eating Smeagol will win over the chocolate and pretzel loving Gollum. Hopefully the Jedi in me will resist the Dark Side with the jealousy and hangry. Hopefully the Princess Toadstool will woman up and beat Bowser all by herself.

I think you catch my drift.

Signing out.

* for one, Dairy Queen and every thing else out here delivers, and two um, spicy chicken sandwiches are delicious.



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