My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 41

I feel so much better today. Lesson from yesterday: It’s okay to have bad days while getting healthy. It’s okay to have bad days when you are healthy. It’s not okay to quit and jump back on the train to an early cholesterol and diabetes induced death. I saw a meme that said,

“It’s hard being fat. It’s hard losing weight. Choose your hard.”

Today felt really good in general. I went to the work out this morning. The work out of the day was pretty much three work outs in one for time. I still have a lot to work on* but I have a lot of things I am improving on.** When I finish a work out where I see other women, who are so far past me in strength and endurance, struggle while doing it like I am- it gives me hope. It encourages me that it isn’t supposed to become “easy.” Training and working out is actually supposed to be hard and a challenge. I think that’s a misconception that people who don’t go to work out get. We believe it’s supposed to get easier, we go and wait for that and then quit because we think we are failing. But that isn’t the case. If it gets easy, you’re not doing anything to help yourself. Easy is sitting on the couch and not going at all. Hard is going, it making you feel a little nauseated, and pushing anyways.

I’m learning guys. I’m improving. And it feels good.

Signing out.

*pistols. I can’t do pistols to save my life. I can’t seem to lift my other leg or lift myself up. I mean I “do” them, but not well. At all.

** burpees, push ups, squats, rowing, lifting, running. Omg, I can run 400 meters with out stopping. One friend pushed me today with that, I almost stopped. I wanted to die at the end and I think my lungs are going to run away on me in the middle of the night, but that’s cool. Whatev’s. I STILL DID IT.



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