My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 43

THE CHALLENGE IS ALMOST DONE.* I already pre-weighed myself (before the big reveal) and it’s really pretty exciting. I can’t wait to do the pictures and the measurements. I mean, this is by no means going to be a before and after that will show fatty me and skinny me. It will be super fatty me, and still kind of fatty me, but better than I was. This is going to be a “on the right track” before and after. I think I’ll do the next photos at six months. Hopefully it’ll be, at least, equally as substantial of a change.

Today I had a lot going on. First I had my son’s eye exam was at my normal work out time, then I had another hair appt. The hair appt was half to get it to the purple I really wanted, and half because they wanted to do a photo op of me getting it done. So yeah, I was excited for that.

It was done at the Beauty Spot by Natalie here in Bahrain. I had an awesome time.

Instead of skipping my work out, you’ll be glad to know instead I went and worked out at 5 am.

In case you missed that, today I** got up at 4:45, AM, and went and worked out.

I’m still getting over the shock myself.

It was a tough work out. Walking lunges, crab walking, bear crawl, high skipping, over head pvc pipe squats, and this, ladies and gentlemen, was the warm-up. Say what you want about Crossfit, but it is no joke. I will say this. I’m learning that form is everything when it comes to lifting. We did thrusters today*** and I was still wearing my running shoes to work out. The problem with that is my running shoes want to push the pressure I’m putting on my feet, to the toes. The pressure is actually supposed to be on the heels.**** So my knees have been killing me. Today my knees were killing me after the thrusters. So after my hair and pictures, I went straight to the store, and bought my first pair of Crossfit training shoes. Lesson learned. It isn’t worth it to be cheap and screw up my knees on bad form. I’ll report back tomorrow and let you know if this made a huge difference. I’m hoping the answer is yes. But I’m also worried that my knees are a little strained as it is right now. Lifting is great, and I love it. But form really is everything.

Food I ate: eggs, the warmed spinach with shrimp and scallops thing at The Macaroni Grill (sans bread crumbs and cheese), and baked chicken wings with a large portion of green beans and broccoli.

Food I didn’t eat: bread at MG, fried mac and cheese, soda, the pies in my freezer, and BBQ sauce.

Signing out.

*I’m really craving some pie and cool whip, don’t mind me.

**The Queen of sleeping in, the “do not disturb me until I’ve had two cups of coffee,” the woman who has not ever in her life woken up before 6, (and that’s hella ambitious).

*** Essentially the Devil. You do a front squat with a barbell, and then you stand up and thrust the bar over head. See? The. Devil.

**** I learned all this from Ass Kicker. She’s the best. I would give up and quit, but she’s all “science is why you hurt.” And I’m all, “you know what? You’re right.”



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