My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 44

This morning started off really well. The kids have today off of school, so I got them all up and ready. I put on my new training shoes, and was about to take my two year old out of his high chair to head to my gym, and he started puking.

My whole day’s plans, done in the time it takes to puke. He’s doing okay now, he hasn’t kept much down, but no fever. Just, bad stomach. I’m hoping it’s just a twenty four hour bug. The sweet guy has been cuddling with me and just staying near me all day. So that’s cute.

I worked out at home. I did a couple “work outs” from Pinterest but more. Burpees,* squats, sit ups, push ups, jumping jacks. All that good stuff. I still wish I had gone. Working out alone with out the equipment I’m finally getting better at using, just, it isn’t the same.

I did get to spend some time with my kids. I wanted to take them out today. We have been riding bikes and such which has been fun. They look forward to it, so that is really cool too. But we stayed inside. We played Moncala and Life. They drive me mad sometimes, but they are really good kids. I like them a little bit. I’ll keep them. Even if they make me crazy.**

The good news for today is I did my squats today with my new shoes on, and it honestly did help my knees. They did hurt a little, but they didn’t hurt more. I’m counting that as a win. Also they aren’t crazy sore today, so again, a big positive.

Food- eggs, chicken with avocado and peppers for lunch, and chicken over a salad for dinner. Haven’t made it yet so I don’t know all the details yet. I’m making the kids spaghetti because it’s easy and that way I’m only cooking one meat. I know they won’t eat a salad with out threat of death. So I’m just not going there tonight.

Food I didn’t eat- I didn’t order pizza though I wanted to. I didn’t break out any of the food my neighbor lovingly gave me from her freezer before her move. (The pies and cool whip I planning on KILLING on the 31st. I may get sick but I feel like it might be worth it.)

Signing off.

* I asked the kids if they wanted to do them. They watched me do one and said “nope.” They walked away.

** Bat shit crazy. I’m telling you, love is when something can drive you to the point of madness, and you bring yourself back because even though they are tempting you with the idea of selling them on the black market, you really couldn’t live with out them either.


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