My Slow Descent Into Health


Are you ready???

I got up and was just so excited to weigh myself. That has never happened before!

First- Here is the picture:

While taking the picture I felt a little discouraged. I felt like there wasn’t that big of a change because I’m still over weight. Plus I have some extra stomach skin that just will not quit.

Once I put the before and after side by side though, I saw a much bigger difference!!!

Second- Here are the measurement:

Before – After (all in inches)

Bust: 46 – 43 3/4

Waist: 40.5 – 37

Hips: 50.5 – 46.5

Butt: 48 – 45

Arm: 14 – 14
(4 in. from elbow)

Thigh: 25.5 – 23.5
(7 in. from knee)

Let me start with how AWESOME it is to see it in measurements. I’m a little disappointed that the arm measurements didn’t change at all, but they do look different. I think it’s just that muscle is building and fat is going away at a similar rate in that area. All in all 14.75 inches lost.

Third- LAST BUT NOT LEAST, The weight:

Day 1 of blog: 231.4 (104.9 kg)

Today: 203.6 (92.4 kg)

That is 24.8 lbs (11 kg) lost with hard work doing Crossfit* and really changing the way I eat with the Whole30. I detoxed off all the sugars that we just have no idea are even in our diet.

Today I had that small pie with the cool whip. It was delicious** but it wasn’t as gratifying as I thought it was going to be. My stomach hurt with in minutes. That tells me that something that calorie dense and sugar dense just is not good for me at all. I’ve eaten so many amazing meats and veggies, and to my fill. That never hurt me like this did. I really don’t have a huge desire to go back to the way I was eating before.

For the change to be this drastic, I had to be eating terribly, and I honestly had no idea. I do feel a lot better. I don’t feel hungry all the time. I function better. Why on earth would I go back to sick, tired, and cranky?

Here’s to great success and the next bench mark- six months!!!

Signing off.

* Crossfit has been a huge part of my success so far. The community and the work outs have made all the difference. We lift, we run, we push ourselves every single day. Seeing them push helps me push myself harder. Ass Kicker has not taken it too easy on me and I appreciate that since I have learned that I can do so much more than I ever thought. They cheer me on. I can’t imagine having this much success with out them.

** The crust was amazing. The chewy apple parts, also amazing. The sugary glaze? Eh. The Cool Whip? Delicious but not as amazing as I thought it would be? It was great but it didn’t “hot the spot” like I thought it would. Next on the “things I missed,” sushi. With soy sauce. And wasabi.


2 comments on “Day 46- FIRST WEIGH IN/PICTURE DAY

  1. smithiechick
    January 31, 2015

    WOW NOEL that is incredible! You look fantastic!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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