My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 47

So yesterday I actually ate two pies. I just wanted to get that off my chest. They were small little like, five inch pies. So no, I didn’t eat two big pies. However, I might as well have with how I felt. I ate that, and then I ate sashimi and maybe three prices of sushi (with the rolled rice), and by dinner I didn’t even want to eat. My stomach felt really crappy.

When I was talking about this at my workout this morning, Ass Kicker said, “And think about how before all of this, yesterday’s “bad day” would have been a good day for you!! If that was what you ate before, you would have thought you didn’t do bad!”

She was absolutely right. I wouldn’t have called that a bad day ever in my life.

My success so far has been so good, I can’t see choosing to feel crappy for tasting some sugar or eating a lot of bread. I think my goal for now is going to be to eat like the challenge six out of seven days a week. Thus allowing myself one thing at one meal on that seventh day, so that way I don’t pig out all day. Because really, what good is it if I do that every week?

The only exception I’ll make for that is when we are legitimately vacationing or going to a brunch. Since both of those are pretty rare, I’m not too worried about them. Even then, it’s not like I’ll even want to mow down a Krispy Creme store (even though that sounds amazing in theory). I’ll probably keep it pretty healthy.* Is food more expensive? A little. But in no way more expensive than medical bills will be if I don’t invest in my health now.

The work out today was brutal. It was power cleans,** toes to bar,*** box jumps, and barbell lunges.**** It was done in reps of 21-18-15-12-9. That means I did 75 of each thing. I almost quit after the set of 15 each. I asked Ass Kicker if I could quit since the hour was technically up. She asked me if I had to be somewhere. I said no, and that I was just dying. She said, “You’re going to finish it.”

You ever feel like your trainer is a Dom and you’re a Sub? Because that’s almost exactly what that felt like today.

One of my friends helped me go through the rest of the work out. The girls cheered me on as I did this work out like I was finishing a triathlon instead of lifting my knees to my chest. What took most of the women about 25-30 minutes, took me 38 and change. Let me tell you though, the feeling when you finish a work out is an elation like no other. I may have been laying out on a brick layed street but I felt like a complete badass. At the end Ass Kicker said, (and again was right) “You’ll never regret finishing a work out. You’ll never say, ‘Oh man, I shouldn’t have finished that.'”

Breakfast was eggs with left over peppers from the fajitas my family had last night. Lunch was left over chicken and green beans over a salad with mustard. Dinner is going to be a Cornish hen but I’m not sure how I’m preparing it yet. Not too worried about it.

Food I avoided: the rest of the pies, which I may feed my children tonight.

Signing off.

* I know that sounds all optimistic and crazy, but seriously, I feel so good all the time that it is hard to imagine wanting that sugar stomach ache. The scary part is that if I fall off long enough, it won’t hurt anymore but I would be right back where I was. I just don’t think it’s worth it.

** Something like this but I only used a 45 lb (20kg) bar. You lift it like this, do some crazy arm moves and then catch it on your chest essentially. It’s nuts. But it is so worth it.


*** I did knees to chest hanging from a pull up bar. I feel just fine about that.

**** The Devil.


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