My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 48 Addicted to working out?

The class I normally go to was cancelled today. Since I live in Bahrain, the Super Bowl started at O dark thirty, she threw a party, and I understand. Ass Kicker’s team is the Seahawks. Even if she cancelled it based on that last “catch” alone I would have understood. All in all a great game.*

Since I had other things going on (the bank and other errands), it worked out anyways. I did manage to get in a work out though. I did 5 rounds: two minutes elliptical,** 20 sit ups, 20 random, which was squats, push ups and burpees. I should have went to ten rounds but I ran out of time. I still had to shower and get ready for the day.

Something interesting about the idea of getting “addicted” to working out. Here is what they don’t tell you: You see, when you work out, you get sore the next day. If you do not work out the next day, or at least get in a good stretch, it hurts so much more. So now I feel like I have to work out. Granted, I want to work out too. I want to get healthier and slimmer and all that. But I also legitimately feel like I have to work out or I’ll tense up. I do take a rest day, but instead of taking two, I will do yoga one day to really stretch. My body feels really good after a work out. I mean, it feels elated on a level that is ridiculous. If I don’t, it just hurts. So if you hear someone say, “Oh, I really need to go work out,” what they’re probably saying is, “Damn, I feel the tenseness coming on and it sucks.”

I feel muscles in places that are impressive. My back for example. Before I would just lay down, and feel back to mattress or floor. Now I feel floor/mattress to back muscles. I am a little more elevated than I used to be. I find that incredibly interesting.

Food today: eggs, a filet mignon and a salad for lunch, and a beef and vegetables spicy Thai thing with out rice.

Food I did not eat: all the sweets that are still in my house. I keep giving them to my kids here and there but they aren’t going fast enough.

Signing off.

* I personally missed it. I am sad about this, especially with it actually being such a good game. I’m a little salty. I should have at least tried, but I slept. Dammit. AND MISSY ELLIOT. SO MAD I MISSED THAT. Thank you YouTube and all, but still. Damn.

** To be honest, I wanted to run for a half an hour. I went to plug in the treadmill, and it wouldn’t turn on. I think one of my kids got the damn magnet for it to work. You know the one that you attach to you so it turns off if you bust your ass? It was gone. I let out a few curse words, changed plans. Kids man, kids.



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