My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 50

I’m writing in this morning because I wanted to give an update. This morning is a lot better. I feel refreshed, energized and dedicated again. Getting off the challenge has been a challenge in itself.

The old habits of the fatty that I am currently trying to drown in meat and vegetables are fighting. The pizza, the wine, and all the other foods that taste great on the tongue are fighting to come back and be a main staple of my life.

To not go back to 231 lbs, I have to fight every day. I’m seeing that as a reality now. I have to still fight the happy eating, the sad eating, the angry eating, the celebration eating, all of it. The challenge was kind of easy for me because it had an end. Now I see that the real challenge is what we choose to do when we are done with the challenges.

I’d like to think that the results would make it easy. But it still isn’t easy. That’s okay.

So here’s to today, tomorrow and every day after. To the fight and to the success. To the failure and the lessons we learn from tripping up. Here’s to getting healthy, for good. To the every day challenge.

Here’s to the slow descent into health.

Signing out.


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