My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 54

So I feel pretty damn elated. I completed a level two work out today!! Granted, it was a ton of reps of a bunch of things, so it was kind of low weight, but it feels good that I did all of it and it was level two. It was 50-35-20 of front squats, wall ball sit ups, and this thing where you hold a round weight, start in dead lift position, bring it to your chest and then lift it over your head. By the end of it, I felt pretty invigorated. Just the feeling of it being a level two had me* grinning and making random exclamations of joy/relief.

Now, the start of my morning went a little differently. Let me let you peek in on my mom life for a second. When I went to get my baby before leaving for my appointment with Ass Kicker, he had some awesome amount of diarrhea. Like, there were drops of poo all around his room. It was like Family Circus** in there where you could follow the dots to see where he walked. The funny thing is that there were actually three possible starting points. Not sure which one was “point A.” After the initial shock and awe, cleaning that and the baby made me a couple minutes late to the work out. Not too late, thank goodness, being late is a 20 burpee penalty. Also, my monkey is doing fine. Not sure what prompted the water pants, but he seems to be over it. He had no fevers and no repeats so that’s a relief. I’m assuming it was just something he ate the night before. He likes to put his fingers in his mouth, and that’s gross on every account.

Food today*** was all pretty good and healthy. I started off with salami and this egg in an onion ring thing. I put a picture and instructions on my Facebook and Instagram pages. That was delicious. Lunch was a warmed spinach salad with grilled onion, garlic and coconut oil. I put tilapia over it. It was my first time making it so I probably cooked the spinach a little past “warming” but it was still tasty and something I’m willing to make again. Dinner will be steak tips with veggies of some sort. I’m in a pretty good mood and that helps me in the cooking department. So that’s a plus.

Wasn’t tempted with anything really bad today. I am looking at going through my fridge however and getting rid of the junk. That will be its own temptation when I get through that. Wish me luck!!

Signing off.

*while panting to catch my breath and laying outside in the middle of a street…

** You have to remember those cartoons in the Sunday paper.


*** When you’re a mom, transitioning from the topic of poop to the topic of food is pretty normal. Don’t mind me.


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