My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 55

Today was actually a lot of fun. You’ll be glad to know I’m getting better (still struggling but better) at challenging myself at the work outs. Today was decently brutal. If Crossfit has a “leg day,” today was it.

It was an 800 meter run, barbell lunge squat things, barbell step ups, I had straps around my arms and pulled a sleigh 400 meters. It’s over 100 lbs.

That was the warm up.

I didn’t have enough time (I went last) to do the 400 meter sleigh drag, so I had to do it after the work out. The work out was 100 meter sprints and 10 burpees as many times as we could in 10 minutes. I did five rounds and a run. Sprinting is not my strong point what so ever. That being said, I feel like I did pretty good with the sleigh pull. I set small goals and kept pulling through. This is where the “I’m getting better at pushing myself” thing. At the end of the work out, it was almost like it was an option for me to skip it, but I didn’t want to.

I wanted to pull it. I wanted that leg work out and that sense of accomplishment. Squats were hurting me, and sprints I suck at, but I knew I could pull this and still get even more of a work out in. Ass Kicker’s words were just echoing to me,

“You’ll never regret finishing a work out.”

I think I finally have a schedule I can manage, and I’m building habits I really enjoy. I’m making friends with women I respect and admire, and it all just feels great.

Side note on the “getting my career path back on track,” I told my Red Headed BFFL* about the Human Resources plan, and that I was skeptical about it because I don’t really like people.** Her response was, “But you’re so good at it!! You’re like a purple haired Mother Theresa!!

… I would dispute that, but I’m too busy still laughing about it. Thanks Biffle.

Food: I have decided to not eat before work outs because it makes me feel nauseated at my work outs, down side was today I had a lunch right after to get ready for, so I ended up skipping breakfast. I went out to eat with a girl friend and I had wasabi prawns and an avocado salad (so much yum). For dinner I grilled some chicken, put some in sauce with spaghetti for the kids, and put it over grilled garlic, onions, red pepper and snap peas with chili sauce for me. Again, YUM.

Signing off.

* Best Friend For Life, also pronounced, “Biffle.”

** I’m kind of an extroverted introvert. It’s a complicated emotion.



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