My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 56 (Don’t quit. It’s worth it.)

Today was brutal. I know I say that every day, but for real. I feel like my knees are refusing to get on board with my body over haul. Have you ever tried doing “pistols?” They’re a mix of “fml,” and “I think I would rather be on fire, thank you.”

I’m working through it. But it’s pretty nuts.

We also did these reverse lunge things called “Turkish Get Ups.” It’s essentially going into a lunge from a laying down position, standing up and then lunging again and back into laying down… while holding a weight… Of course.

Being someone who enjoys Crossfit is like being someone who enjoys going into a gym and finding out you’re being tortured in new ways you have never even imagined. You’re just like, “Yup… I signed up for this. Aaaaand I’m still coming back tomorrow. Because Yolo.”

Surprisingly, I have found that I love doing exercises with the sleigh. It is difficult and my leg muscles are kind of revolting against me, but it just feels good when I’m done.

I also have to say that Ass Kicker can dish it, but she is a still a Bad Ass as well. She was killing some double unders today, and doing a lot of these work outs right there with us. Also, I know she does some even tougher work outs when we aren’t there. It’s great to be able to see her and how far she has come and have that role model and inspiration in your work out every day. She also doesn’t seem to give out “false praise.” I think she really pays attention to the individual’s personal bests, and says “good job,” when she sees effort, or she sees progress. I’ll admit I had a good week or two with no “good jobs” from her. The last two days I have gotten a couple though. I can only compare it getting a genuine good job from like your ultimate yoga guru, or from Schwarzenegger when you just started lifting.

The last thought for the day: For those of you who are reading and maybe just thinking about getting fit, maybe you’re still not sure if you want to work out and you don’t know if you want to fight through it every day. It’s so worth it. It feels so good to accomplish these mad, crazy work outs. You can do it any way that works for your life style, but make sure you set it up so you don’t quit. Pushing yourself is more than doing two or three more push ups than yesterday. It’s about accomplishing goals you never knew you could have.

Signing off.



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