My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 61

I am already feel better. How crazy is that? Two days of eating* healthier choices, no grains, no cheeses and I’m like, upbeat again. I have some energy already, my stomach is feeling better, and I feel a little less swollen. I just feel a little better.

At my work out this morning I told Ass Kicker I started the Whole 30 again. That I had to because I couldn’t seem to get my self-control, under control. She said that she understands. That she knows what it feels like to have a problem with food. That with out the structure it’s easy to fall off completely. A little thing like her being able to understand me makes all the difference in the world. To not feel like a failure because you didn’t ace it right away. To have the people who are helping you get on your feet tell you “It’s normal to have an issue with changing habits,” it is such an encouragement. I can’t even describe it.

It was definitely arm day today. There were things with rings, and kettle bells, and fat grip pull ups, and all other sorts of dangerous sounding things that were actually a lot of fun. The regular work out was this “Do as many reps of this work out as you can in this amount of time,” also known as “AMRAP”** of seven box jumps, burpees and more kettle bell things. It was intense, my throat burned from how fast I was breathing sometimes, but I got in eight rounds. That feels alright. Tomorrow I want to see what it is, and see if I can do another level two work out. My goal is to do one level two work out this week. I think that’s a good goal. Maybe I’ll knock out two and surprise myself.

Food: three eggs with peppers, avocado and salsa, a “New York Style” Lox sandwich but Paleo,*** and shrimp over green beans with a very little bit of homemade ranch mixed with it for seasoning. It almost reminded me of a shrimp scampi and I enjoyed it a ton.

I think I’m getting a little better at this cooking thing this time around.

Signing off.

*Much. Much healthier. Let me not lie.

** “As Many Reps As Possible.” So yes, Ass Kicker is yelling at/encouraging us, but it’s also pretty self motivated.

*** I put how I made it, a picture and what I thought of it on my Instagram (noelmarieross) and the Facebook page “My Slow Descent Into Health.”



2 comments on “Day 61

  1. LucyP
    February 15, 2015

    I have pretty catastrophically started to undo the good work of my Whole30 too……… I admire your courage in taking it on again so soon, not sure I can commit to that, but I DO need to sort myself out again and stop eating junk again in the form of ‘treats’ that are now becoming regular things again……..

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    • Noel Marie Ross
      February 15, 2015

      It is hard!! It’s so easy to just say, “this little bit, and this little bit,” but for me it was becoming quite a lot. For me it’s about battling the old habits and making new ones. I’m at a point where maintaining or back peddling just isn’t an option, so I’m doing it again with the goal of completing the journey with the tools to maintain as well. Thank you so much for that. 🙂 It isn’t easy, but it feels good, so that’s a plus.


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