My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 62

So far another healthy, productive day. It’s kind of sad how much easier it is to eat better when I know I have specific guidelines.

Today’s work out was deceptively difficult. We did sumo dead lifts and straight leg dead lifts for strength. There were banded good-mornings and a run. The work out though, was forty push ups and a 400 meter run, three times. Still not a strong runner, it took me about three minutes longer than most but I finished it, and still in a time that I’m not too ashamed of. The push ups were pretty effin’ brutal too.* I feel them already. I’m grateful though. I really pushed myself on the one rep max sumo lift, and was even excited while doing it!

I’m really noticing a difference in my attitude toward working out. I think when you start it’s easy to say, “I can’t do that. I know I can’t do that,” or, “I know I can’t do much of that. The body is capable of pretty incredible things. I’m learning that the attitude that you have as you approach a work out can really have an affect on how much you push yourself to do more.

When I started, with out a doubt, I would have said that I can’t do 120 push ups and that the very idea of it is insane. It would have taken me longer than it did today, absolutely, but if you try and take your time, you can accomplish an incredible amount of things. I’ve had a lot of days I went in and said, “I can’t do that,” and then succeeded. Now I go in say, “It’s going to be tough still, but I know I can.” It makes all the difference in the world.

Food today, I took smoked salmon, put a thin spread of the paleo mayo and some capers on it and rolled them up. I had a salad for lunch that I took with me to my son’s school. Having lunch with fourth graders made me grateful to no longer be in fourth grade. Their minds go a mile a minute, and their rules make no sense. I’m cooking steak for dinner with vegetables. Pretty excited for that.

Signing out.

*There were tears, and seriously angry fighting face and ugly grunts. I’m grateful there were no cameras. At the end, I laid down, and it took me almost fifteen minutes to recover. Also, you know you’re killing your arms when you almost can’t hold them up for a run. Imagine Phoebe from Friends running, but… more floppity.



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