My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 63

My work out today was actually a lot of fun. I get beat out there, but I actually enjoyed myself during this work out.

We did the one rep max for a push press. I made it to 95 lbs. I tried to push it to 100, but couldn’t do it. I was enthusiastic while going at it though. It is the craziest feeling. Then the work out was another AMRAP thing. It was clean and jerks, ring dips, and toes to bar (3, 6, and 9), as many times as possible in nine minutes. I got almost 6 rounds in, just missed it by three reps of the toes to bar. Again, I had fun though.

All in all today was a pretty great day. I do feel tired right now, but that happens in the Whole 30. I’m looking forward to the energy when it kicks in. But it was good. I enjoy this path I’m on, and that’s a pretty incredible feeling.

Food today was eggs, a salad for lunch, and a chicken grill for dinner with another salad. I probably need more water though. I’ve been hitting the coffee pretty hard.

Signing off.



One comment on “Day 63

  1. LucyP
    February 17, 2015

    3, 6, 9? I did too many reps – doh! It saws 5am I suppose…….


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