My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 65 (What I’ve learned about diets so far)

In the beginning of this blog I talked about “fad dieting.” I spoke about how it was a yo-yo. A lot of fad diets tend to not be healthy, promise quick results, and you easily gain weight back.* All of that I still hold as true. If I was going to recommend a “diet book,” I would start with “Eat, Drink and Be Healthy.” That is by doctors who have been running studies, and have great data. Then I would recommend “It Start With Food.” This talks about the Whole30 healthy eating challenge, it explains why, and it gives doctoral references.**

But listen, we all do it different. I am 100% behind finding what works for you and doing it. One lady at my work out told me how she lost like 15 kilo’s (35 lbs) by slowly cutting out sugars. She would, every day, taste her coffee black, add one teaspoon of sugar, taste it, maybe add one more, and slowly cut out more and more by getting used to tasting it with out it. She talked about how she slowly replaced things in her meals. She would cut out half of her rice and put more vegetables down.

Point being, the way I lose weight may not be the way you lose weight. However, the science is all the same, and what’s important (if your goal is to be healthy) is that you really try. You don’t have to count calories. You don’t have to obsess over foods.

I mean that. You don’t have to count calories. You don’t have to obsess over food.

You do have to learn what healthy eating really is. You do have to really commit yourself, one way or another to the process. It will be hard. You might feel “hungry” for a time. Once you start eating well, and regularly, it gets easier. The sugar craving you’ve been feeding with breads and sugars and even many things you don’t even know are bad for you, will go away. That’s exactly what that initial hungry feeling is! It’s addiction!

I do have to keep doing the whole food challenge. Not because it’s a fad diet with crazy restrictions so I “get skinny.” I’m doing it again because 30 days isn’t a very long time to retrain my whole way of life and build the correct habits. My habits were still strong and right there when I got off the healthy eating challenge. I have three pizzas in two weeks. I gained back almost nine pounds (4 kg) in two weeks, and I was still working out. I couldn’t seem to keep the healthy habits going on my own. I have the information, so now I have to be dedicated to it.

I just, I have a problem with food. I can not control myself right away with out the guidelines. Nor should I expect myself to. No one does something perfect the first time they try. So for me this challenge, the Whole30, helps. I can do that.

We all struggle with something. For those of us that struggle with weight, the thing that is really going to make an improvement is dedication and information. Not just articles in magazines. A couple of walks a week for a lot of weigh loss is only a start. You have to push. Eventually you should run, or add weights, or something. Hire a trainer, if you don’t have the money for that, lots of gyms are cheap and come with trainers there. ASK QUESTIONS. No one minds answering questions when you’re serious about yourself.

Calorie counting is a science. It will help you lose weight.*** If you’re still eating crap, it will not help you get healthy. This journey really does start with food. Take it, and take yourself seriously, and you will see results.

One more thing, and I’ll drop this mic and whistle while walking away- Losing weight is not, I repeat, IS NOT about the number on the scale. This is hard for me. A matter of fact, it’s hard for most women. Here’s the scoop. What it’s really about is how you feel, how your clothes fit**** and continuing to improve your health, your strength, and your endurance. So kick that notion to the curb. Learn what healthy eating is, figure out what work outs are reasonable for you and you’ll give yourself all the tools you need to succeed.

-Drops mic.

-Whistles while walking away.

*Usually plus some. You know, because adding insult to injury is just, fun.

** Some even from the first book and those studies!!

*** You also may lose your mind calculating calories and calories lost during exercises and it can consume your whole life. That is damn well not healthy either. If it works for you, great. Just be careful to make sure your attitude about it is still healthy as well. Mika Brzezinski wrote a book about this called “Obsessed.” I’ve also read this and found it very important to know and have a balance.

**** And not just that size six pair of jeans (smart ass), clothes that are the size for your body type. Which you’re really only figure out as you’re working out and getting healthy.



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