My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 66

There was a lot planned for today and I have to say, everything went really well. I was asked to take a couple who are friends of mine to a local Middle Eastern Flea Market and I was more than happy to do so. If you’ve never had a chance to do this, I have to say it is quite an experience. I have my friends a quick lesson in haggling, and off we went!


Sorting through some piles of clothes, I managed to get one silk shirt and two dresses and really pretty… I don’t even know what to call it yet. It’s like a cover- jacket type thing but see through and floor length. It’s gorgeous. I got all of that for a great price.*

After that I went to a brunch with the girls from my work out group and some of their friends. The food was amazing. I had salmon, roast beef, prawn, chicken, salad, sashimi, and other things like that. I still stayed pretty on track. I’m sure some of it wasn’t 100%, but all in all, I’m still calling it a win. I didn’t drink, and I didn’t have one single dessert, although I wanted to pretty badly. The conversation was lively and I had a pretty good time. Something that was particularly nice is that I got to see all my girls in their “normal” get ups, and even nicer. A lot of them were dressed beautifully and looked absolutely gorgeous. Usually we are all at the gym, and since it’s such a judgement free zone we don’t wear make up, adorn jewelry, or really do our hair. It was really nice to get with them and just hang out. I really do know a good group of women.

Today was also a little hard because my husband was at a port, and now he’s off again somewhere, and I have to resort back to emails. This may not seem like a big deal but it can be hard from long times, to short times. So emotionally I was definitely trying to keep it together. I’m glad I didn’t binge eat at the brunch.

I’m also grateful for how sad it is sometimes. I think that being sad about it from time to time is better than not being sad about it all or overly depressed and vulnerable. I hear about wives who can’t do the separations, and you know what, if they can split it off amicably that’s great. I, personally, can’t imagine not wanting to be with my husband. I can’t imagine him being away and me deciding to warm up to the closest available warm body. Women (and men) who encourage or would think of that as an option are disgraceful.**

If you ever consider marrying a man with a job that takes him away for periods of time, you really need to do some internal searching to make sure you’re the kind of woman who can handle that situation. If you think that you can’t handle it, don’t push yourself to.

I may get sad, and some days it may be hard, but I never would have signed on for this lifestyle if I didn’t know I could be the epitome of a good wife while doing it.

Signing off.

*At first the idea of haggling seemed to be a nuisance, but now I rather enjoy it. Why pay five dollars for something when you can pay two?

** I see this from time to time on both sides. The member and the spouse. Just, if you can’t not sleep with other people, don’t get married. It’s that simple people!



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