My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 69

Today Mississippi was brutal. I don’t know if I’ve ached like this since the week I started. That says a lot. Trust me, I ache all the time!!* We did our one rep max for the strict press. I went up ten lbs from last time and can do a whole 70 lbs. That felt pretty good. I really need to work on my core strength. It’s getting there but I still have a ways to go. Then we did a warm up of 20 wall balls, burpees, and squats. But the actual work out? It was 400 meter runs before and after each set of reps, the reps were 21-15-9 of ring dips, push ups, and hand stand push ups. I just it can’t believe I did all that.

Today I was the slowest by at least one minute, but here’s the positives:

1) I’m getting faster. I can feel my improvement when I run. Instead of saying, “Omg I have to stop or my lungs will explode,” I say, “I may have to slow down, but I will only stop when I’m finished.”

2) My attitude. I definitely went from “I can’t,” to “I’ll give it a shot,” to “Hey, I can do this.” Even if I go slow, I am going to finish.

3) I really pay attention to my form and getting it right. I really try to make sure I’m pushing myself enough and that I’m not just doing what I can do. I’m pushing past that so I can get better.

So even if I’m going slower, I’m getting a really good work out in. Like my dear friend once said,

“I look at it this way, I’m getting a longer work out than the people that do it faster. They may have finished it faster, but I got a longer work out.”

Food today was on par. I had eggs, a lox “bagel” for lunch again,** and for dinner I ordered lamb chops. They were pretty small in size today but you can’t beat the taste. And they are so cheap out here! It is truly almost cheaper order food here than it is to buy and cook it. But such is life. Cooking at home is healthier by a land slide.

Food I did not eat: I keep eyeing these Reese’s pieces that are like the M&M’s. They look delicious and I want them. Must give them to kids tomorrow.

Signing out.

*No pain, no gains. Eh? Eh? Hahaha

**Eggplant slices baked or pan seared for bread substitute is just brilliant.



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