My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 72 What is a Hero WOD and why should you care? 

So, I’m going to break down some fun terms that strikes terror into those who work out with the same system I do. 

WOD. “Work out of the day.” 

Every day we have a WOD. When I mention the “actual work out” part of my day, I’m referring to that. It’s all written on a board when we go in, so you have a good few minutes to look at it and die a little on the inside before you pick yourself up and do the damn thing. 

Hero WOD. A WOD that is named after (normally) a military person who had died in combat or something similar. When you get the story of the Hero it is incredibly inspiring. Also, these are some of the toughest a WOD’s. Usually these go down on the last day of the week* like a send off to a weekend, just to make sure you feel your work out the whole two days. 

Today was the “Whitten” Hero WOD.**

This was brutal. I had to fight through each burpee, box jump, and run.  Kettle bell swings I do okay with. Even wall balls, I do okay with. Burpees I can usually do okay with. Today they just really hurt. It was like every muscle was sore when I did them. I really kind of went to a bad place. I’ve had some stress in the past few days and while I was working out it was half me beating on myself and half just mental exhaustion. I may have shed a tear or two.***

However, that being said, this work out also helped me through it. 

You see, I finished something I had absolutely no desire to finish. I wanted to sit there and just cry for the hour, but I pushed myself hard and further than I thought I could.**** I finished and it was okay. 

Most of the challenges we face are mental. Through out all of life, we face incredible mental challenges, and it takes work and perseverance to get through them. Working out, it is no different. Of course you should be safe, and know when something is a bad pain and just an aching pain. But you can do a lot more than you think you can. Every day at my work out I challenge myself mentally just as much as physically. Don’t believe me? Look up box jumps and tell me you aren’t scared out of your mind to try those. Because I still am, even at a beginner level.  Making yourself not quit when your calves are burning- that is mental. Learning how to work out hard is essentially learning how to overcome fears. You just do it. You just face it. This lesson absolutely seeps into your every day life. It heightens your courage, your self esteem and self respect. It helps not only reshape your body, but reshape a your attitude about your life. I appreciate that more than I can put in words. 

My food was good today. I had a banana and eggs for breakfast, I had left over chicken for lunch, and I had lamb chops for dinner and a salad. Not too much I avoided today. I am still doing pretty well. The want to eat pizza and devour breads of all kinds is still there but I know it isn’t good for me, so I simply don’t do it. After all, it’s all mental. 

Signing off. 

*Thursday here in the Middle East. The kids go to school on Sunday as it’s the start of the week here. I’m still getting used to that. 

** I got this off the Crossfit website. This is probably one of the more honorable and admirable things about Crossfit. 

*** And warned the ladies of my ugly cry face. No one wants to see that. 

**** I want to thank the ladies I work out with again. They saw me going to this bad place and cheered me on. These pushes make it so much easier. One woman ran with me the last round, and even though I couldn’t say it at the time (because I was working on breathing) I really appreciate that she did that. 


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