My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 74

Today was my kid’s first day in Taekwondo and it was amazing. I honestly used to get exhausted just looking at my kids be active, but now I’m just really excited for them. I think it’s different for me when I can relate to what they’re doing instead of watching and snarling a little as I seriously envied the energy and youth they have. I now know the feeling of the first time you accomplish that first goal and I’m just excited for them. When I say getting fit has changed my whole outlook on life, it has really changed my whole outlook on life. I still fight the bad attitudes that come with my bad habits, but the positive really out weighs any of the “positives” that came with my previous  life style. 

After that we grabbed some lunch and came home to watch some Star Trek. Yup. I’m a big time trekky geek. I grew up watching the original series and the Next Generation. It inspired me to think beyond only what was in front of me and taught me moral lessons on a much larger plane than I could realize. It taught about being human, civility, accepting our pasts and looking to the future. Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock, will be sorely missed. 

His last tweet. If only we all could leave the world with such wisdom. 

Today I ate leftovers for breakfast which was a chicken grill, chicken fajitas for lunch with out the fajita nor cheese, and dinner was a salad with some left over chicken thrown in. Not an “exciting” day, but a good one. 

Didn’t experience too bad of cravings today. I think giving into a craving yesterday may have helped stave off the cravings? I’m not too sure but today was relatively easy. That feels good to say. 

Signing off. 


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