My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 76

Today was what I call a long, but good, “Mom day.” First I brought my kids to school and hung around to watch this morning meeting the whole elementary school does together. No Crossfit today, so I may have to make up for that on Wesnesday this week. After that I picked up a friend and went to the base’s celebration of Dr. Suess’ birthday. There was a ton of stuff going on there from bounce houses to face painting and a really quirky magic show. 

Next I went home and got the baby down for a nap. Tidied my room some and ate lunch. Woke the baby up and went and picked up my kids from school. I had to make them do their home work, make them the after school snack, and then bring them to Taek Wan Do. After that I realized I didn’t have enough time for my original dinner plan (still new at this) and so I ordered them pizza. I did have some cheese sticks, so if I consider that one of the one-two cheats a week, I’m still in the clear. Everything else today was perfectly on par, eggs, salad, smoked salmon, and all that good stuff. 

So, really, I’m just exhausted now. I wanted to write and get it out there that I’m tired, but I figured it deserved an explanation. There are days like this, after all, in every woman’s life. The multi-tasking or constant going that we do is just endless sometimes. So I felt it important to write it out a little and say,

“Hey. It’s normal. We get tired. Days get long. We survive.” 


Signing off (and passing out). 


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