My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 84

I know I have been absent. I apologize for that. To be honest (and this whole thing is supposed to be about honesty), I’ve just had a small bout of depression. I realized it (it kind of snuck up on me), accepted it, and started taking steps to make myself feel better. 

First, I had to step back from everything. I mean everything and everyone. While my husband was here I was able to take a small break from my children, after he went back to work, I just started slowly picking up my responsibilities and juggling them again. This week I’m going to slow down and take time to do things I know I enjoy and lift my spirits.

This thing can really sneak up on you in this military lifestyle. The couple of ladies I have opened up to (a little, not a lot, but enough to say, “I don’t feel well,”) have said, “YEP. Been there.” 

Usually it seems to be when the military member first embarks on whatever journey the military has laid out for them. Here, in my spouse’s position, he leaves pretty irregularly and frequently. So I’m constantly going through the sad time. It must have just accumulated. 

Today for things I enjoy, I am (BELIEVE IT OR NOT) cleaning my home. In my down time, I did nothing. I do have hired help, but since she is part time and has been busy, my house started getting pretty dingy. 

It’s amazing how clearing the dust out of my house also seems to help clearing the “dust” in my head. I feel a little clearer. It seems to be oddly therapeutic. If only cleaning could feel this good all the time! 

Tomorrow I’m going to go site seeing. I think getting out and exploring a little, hopefully getting some fresh air, will help clear me up a little too. 

I’ll be doing a spot on The Beauty Spot here in Bahrain this week, I’m pretty excited for the job. The ladies out there are lovely and besides the expertise and professionalism they bring, they are also a lot of fun to hang out with. 

Next week I will try to pick back up with my Crossfit ladies and get back on track with my constructive life style. I will have to be more aware of myself and be sure to reach out if I’m feeling lonely. All in all I feel like I’ve learned more about myself and how I handle situations. I’m grateful for that new self awareness. 

Even when you go through hard times, if you can learn from it, it’s worth every moment. 

Signing back in, every day. 


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