My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 100

Life can be such a finicky hag sometimes. I get to the point where I’m ready to go back to my work out, go back for a day, and then catch the plague that has been going around my house. Also, being sick is not super condusive to healthy eating. Healthy eating is all about the cooking and being sick and alone with three kids is all about the “I don’t care what it is as long as they’re fed, so fucking pizza it is.” 

I had a short bit of anxiety about blogging again. Mostly because I feel like I fell on my face for a short time, and now it feels like I’m starting all over. But that’s life, isn’t it? I’m starting over with the food. The fight is real again. I definitely gained some weight back in this time, but also, not all of it. I felt like I would go back to my work out and be back at square one, but the good news is that I had only been gone for two weeks. I’m still pretty strong. 

So all the progress I had made is not gone. I can’t tell you how much of a relief that is. The mind will tell you that if you fail at all, you failed huge. That isn’t and doesn’t have to be true. I may not be as far along as I would be if I had just kept going and not had a small break down, but it’s not like I’m quitting or a complete failure either. 

We just keep on keeping on. Quitting is failure. Making mistakes and going through some self awareness exercises is not. 

Signing off. 



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