My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 107 Is being fat a choice?

I recently have run into some banter where people are claiming that homosexuality on the whole is a choice. That because that is their choice others should have the option to disagree and refuse services to said group of people. I couldn’t help but relate this to my own struggle with weight and many others who fight it as well. I’m not saying they are the same (at all) since I don’t personally think homosexuality is unhealthy or will end up causing premature death, but bare with me. I have a point.

People who are over weight usually got there by some choice. Whether it be their choice, their parents choices, or just by not paying attention to choices. I am a “fatty 4 lyfer,” meaning my parents not only gave me predisposition to being over weight, but the food choices were not always the epitome of healthy eating. Usually we couldn’t afford better food, food was a reward system, and let’s face it, unhealthy food is just on the whole easier to obtain. I did not choose for some time to learn better habits and gradually gained more and more weight.

Now I am making the choice to learn how to eat better, exercise and fix it- but others can’t/won’t. Some are beyond being able to say “Okay, I’m going to change today” because their unhealthiness has lead to other problems preventing them from doing squats, jogging and things of the like. Now, we all know that if a person of substantial size really wanted to lose weight, they absolutely could even though it would be hard and possibly dangerous. Doctors are able to help out and do some pretty incredible things to help people become healthy.

So here’s my point:

As an over weight person, how would you like it if you went into a store and went to buy a cookie mix, a bag of chips, or bagel with cream cheese, and the clerk says to you,

“Because I believe that you being fat is your choice, I’m uncomfortable selling you that item because it isn’t going to help you become healthier, which I believe you should do. Down the street there is a health food store, they would love to have you. Maybe you should look up some info for a gym while you’re at it.”

After that society as a whole starts to run with this thought that everyone is actually helping you by refusing you service. Eventually McDonald’s puts up a sign and a scale with a BMI checker that says, “TO EAT HERE YOU MUST HAVE A BMI OF 30% OR LOWER.”

Would you feel encouraged? Or discriminated against? I mean, on one hand they would be right. Everyone should be healthy. I’ll even say that this outrageous argument holds more weight than the “I don’t want to serve homosexual weddings” one. But it isn’t freedom, is it? New York tried to get rid of the Big Gulp, and people lost their minds. How can the same people claim that this type of discrimination is more “reasonable?”

Are you off your ghattdammed rocker?


I’ll end this with, when does anyone ever “choose” to be straight? And why does it matter? If two consenting adults love each other, then that’s the end of the story. They aren’t criminals, hurting society, or anything else. My kids know people are gay, and they aren’t running around saying they have to be gay because of it. Love is love. And if you don’t get that, or feel that what other people do in their lives really affects you, that is your problem. No one else’s. No one should have to live in fear of being turned away when they’re decent people just looking for a cake, a pizza, or a floral arrangement.

Signing off.



3 comments on “Day 107 Is being fat a choice?

  1. Tiffaspilla
    April 3, 2015

    I was overweight as a kid, but never realised it haha 😀 but now I’ve lost all the weight so I did make a choice to change it 😉 great post! I’m a fitness blogger too! x


    • Noel Marie Ross
      April 3, 2015

      Thank you!! It’s a hard thing to do for sure. I was over weight as a kid, and I’m still losing it. I appreciate you reading and helping me stay accountable! This journey is no joke! Haha Thank you for your comment. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tiffaspilla
        April 4, 2015

        oh girl for real it is no joke 😉 hehe! i’m so glad you’re on your fitness journey!! glad to meet you! oh and btw I just made a new facebook page it would mean so much to me if you would check it out and tell me what you think ! thank you!! hope you have a great Easter sweetie! xxx


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