My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 108

Being back to working out pretty much feels amazing. It’s incredible how much more self control I have over my food choices when I’m putting in the effort to work out. When I’m not, it feels like it doesn’t matter, but really it should be the opposite. If you’re not working out, your food choices should matter all the more. But who really does everything they’re “supposed to” do, anyways?

When you first get back to working out people will tell you how “sore” you’re going to be. It’s true, I am sore, but something I have said before and I still hold as true- if you’re sore:

work out again.


I’m not kidding, just go run even, throw in some squats- you will feel so much better. It’s warming up those sore muscles and making them feel less stiff. So even though you go back knowing you’re going to get sore- also know that you have a remedy for that, and the remedy is to keep going.

Today I had eggs for breakfast, left over chicken grill for lunch, and for dinner I have a whole chicken roasting in the crock pot. I’m going to mix that with some peppers and onions and serve it with rice for the kids. For me, I’m just going to have a salad on the side. Yesterday’s food was also pretty good. I did go to the Macaroni Grill, so I had a slice (or so) of the bread they drop in front of you and you try to resist but you can’t because it smells like heaven. Other than that I did really well.

Today’s work out was an at home one. I “ran” on the elliptical and stopped every half mile to do something else. I did lunges, squats, planks, and burpees. I did three miles total. I also tanned outside by the pool today. It isn’t a work out at all, but I feel like it should get a “honorable” mention.

I’m glad to be back. It feels good to be writing and personing and stuff. I had a small rough patch, but that’s really okay. It’s okay to go through that. These are big life changes for me. If I wasn’t having a hard time I would be surprised.

Signing off.



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