My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 109

Quick post- today was a fun day with the kids. I went out to breakfast with them, and hung out by the pool. Since breakfast was kind of late, we skipped lunch and ate some chicken for dinner. No work out today. I’ve been watching movies with the kids and doing laundry. Nothing super exciting. 

I like having these lazy days with the kids. You forget how young they are and to just enjoy them when you get caught up in the busy work. We try to do so much to make an impact on some part of the world, but forget that the biggest legacy you’ll love is the one you leave with your kids.* Don’t forget to take some time and look around and smell the roses (and all that good mushy stuff). It’s only around for so long. 

Signing off.


* If you have them, if not, that’s cool too. Lots of other very important legacies out there too. No hate. 


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