My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 111 Vacationing ova’ der don’t cha know.

I have a vacation coming up that I am actually really excited about. Where am I flying off to? Japan? Thailand? England? No. I am going somewhere where the people are friendly, and the whole place just breathes the essence of “this is what home should feel like.” 

I am going to Minnesota. 

I am from Connecticut originally, but I fell in love with Minnesota the first time I went there. It has the same small town feel that Connecticut suburbs can have but more mid western and with a more “country-living” type feel that I adore. Connecticut* has a tell-it-straight-no-chaser kind of attitude and while I know some very friendly people who live there, it isn’t what we’re known for. We like our space and don’t expect anyone to extend any more courtesy than allowing that space. 

I’ll admit I can be like that, but something about the friendliness the mid-west can give is just, refreshing. 

I should be honest though- it scared the hell out of me in the beginning. 

Most of the cops I have dealt with at home were not particularly “friendly.” I’m not anti-cop and I’m not hating on them- I’m just telling it from what I saw. I know that some can be helpful, but one time when I blew a tire, all the cop said to me was that I had to move further down the road and get out of the way. Honestly, that’s all I expected. It makes sense I had to get out of the way. I was stuck on a highway in a city and also happened to be a bridge. It seemed legit. Aggravating, but legit. 

My first trip in Minnesota, my husband and I were driving his sister to work when my father-in-law’s truck stalled right over a train track. Immediately the guy behind us got out and helped us push off the tracks. Weird, but okay. I can dig it. He went on his way and we were calling the appropriate channels to figure out what to do. 

Then a cop pulls up.

I’m like, “Great, what wisdom are we going to get here?” The cop comes out and is genuinely concerned, asked us if we were okay and if we needed any help. I look at my husband with a look of complete and utter terror. I couldn’t breathe. All I could think was, “Omg, we’re going to jail. Why is she being so nice to us? What do I do in this situation?” He had me stay in the car as my “deer in head lights” look probably couldn’t help anything. After offering to call someone for us, and then offering a ride to my sister in law to work so she wasn’t late to work- WHICH SHE TOOK BY THE WAY- the cop came back to double check that we were ok and had a plan in progress. 

I was in shock. It’s probably the quietest my husband has ever, and will ever, see me. 

I can’t wait to go back and see what oddities await. I love meeting people out there. I, and my off-putting Nutmegger ways, never know what to expect and it’s always a lot of fun. 

Side note: I’m also excited to see green. Bahrain has been pretty beige recently and I think the change in scenery will do me good. 

Today’s food was eggs, a chicken wrap with lots of biggies and no cheese for lunch, and a lamb grill for dinner. The work out was a clusterfuck of a million different work outs but quickly and it was actually a lot of fun.** I look forward to tomorrow’s.

I really can’t wait for this vacation. Just a break up of the routine and time with my husband and with family is much needed. 

Signing off.


*And most of New England, let’s be honest. 

**thoigh I didn’t realize it until it was pver. Which is how most work outs go. 


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