My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 114 Stories from Bahrain #1

In the spirit of my vacation,* I’ve decided to start sharing stories about my time here (as well as food and fitness) to mix it up a bit. The first one being one of my first impressions. 

When I first got here we stayed in a hotel for about 45 days. The hotel was big and comfortable. They served breakfast every morning, complimentary. I remember my first day there, using this massive spoon to stir my tiny coffee cup. I didn’t understand why they didn’t have “regular” sized spoons! Then I looked around. They have “tea spoons” and “table spoons.” I felt like an ape. Now the measurement sizes of those items makes more sense. 

Every day these guys would come and clean our room. My favorite one was from Bangledesh and would often tell me things about his home. It was a small town, he has a wife and kids. They live near the school. He was so sweet. I took out my iPhone one day with out thinking, pulled up Google maps and asked him to show me where he lived. He looked at it and at first seemed surprised. Then he looked closer and tried moving it around. He pulled down the top menu, so I helped him after that. I didn’t even consider he wouldn’t know how to use it. He kept telling me the name of the place, Nangalkot, but it took a minute for us to figure out the spelling. After it came up, I zoomed in, and he started looking for his house. He had to follow the roads he recognized to get to the town. He was just looking around at it, and in his face you could see he was going through memories of home. It was a plain map with scenery, but for him it seemed as though it were photographs he didn’t have. 

It was the first time I realized how privileged I am. We take for granted so much, and this kind man was the beginning of my lessons in humility while in Bahrain. 

Today- I am still struggling with self control with my food in take, but I am over all doing really well. I’m not ordering pizzas or eating loaves of bread or donuts, even though I would like to. I worked out this morning with my Crossfit group and it was brutal but awesome. A lot of dead lifts and box jumps, though I’m still in my head about it, so I still only step up. I’m pretty sure I can start jumping soon. 

Going from that first story to my life really puts it in perspective, doesn’t it? 

Signing out. 


* I’m so ready. 


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