My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 166 Where’d my purple hair go?

Something I should touch on (since it was such a big deal) is that my hair is no longer purple. Not because I didn’t love it, or because it didn’t look good. I loved it. When I went in to get in done again I definitely debated keeping streaks or tones of purple in some way. Now I think I’m going to get some clips of purple hair and figure out a way to incorporate that, I honestly just love it. It fits me. 

And if I had Katy Perry’s money, I would keep it all the time. But I don’t. And here’s the secret to fun colors of hair:

  It fades stupid fast. I mean, it is actually stupid how fast it fades. 


I would have dark purple hair when it was first done, then just purple, then magenta, and a few other shades just before hitting lilac that people would call pink. Every time a teen called my hair pink, I died a little on the inside. I know they meant well, but my inner bitch was like, 

It is lilac. Check yourself.” 

All the while, I was stuck saying “thank you,” because that was the color that I ultimately had the longest. The last shade of pink (LILAC), barely resembled it original park purple at all. 

This is not the hair dresser’s fault, my fault, or anyone else’s. Maybe the water here in Bahrain didn’t help at all, but even during my vacation to the states, it didn’t exactly stick around. 

I am now a brunette. I actually really like it. With the right make up, I’m still pretty edgy but now every time I wash it, the water stays clear instead of looking like I have a strong unicorn’s tinkle running out of my hair. I really wish the color would have just stayed longer. 

Scientists, you need to get on that. Snap snap, mother fuckers. 

Side note:

Remember ladies, no matter what hair color you hair, how you style it, whatever- do you. Do what you like and what makes you comfortable. I like asking my stylists what shades with work with my skin tone, but I also like being different sometimes. Don’t be out there to impress anyone but yourself. And if anyone doesn’t like it, then they aren’t worth your time to begin with. 



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