My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 171

I figure I should probably get back to the health part of all this. Update my current status, if you will. 

I did indeed fall off the wagon kind of hard for a short time. I ate pizza and all kinds of bread. My portions were equal to a growing teen age boy’s. I had ice cream and snacks and lots of salty foods. Go big or go home, right? 

That’s such a bad attitude to have but I think we all are occasionally guilty of it from time to time (or too often). I needed a push. A friend of mine is coming to stay with me for a short time and it was the healthy push I needed. She has also gained and lost weight. She is also working out and eating healthy to continue her journey for a healthier life style. Just her waking up on the second day and saying, “Oh, I’m having this [insert healthy food plan item] for breakfast today,” for me to say, “You know what? I will too.” 

My friend, “Red” is a fun, very pretty, smart, young(er) girl of my own heart. We worked out together a few times since she has been here, we’ve been eating healthy, we have obsessed over shoes and clothes, we have drank and had heart to hearts. It has been a blessing for me and I’m so glad to have so many good people around me to encourage me on this* journey. 

I wish this was easier. I wish it was just a switch I could flip and say I would never make any mistakes along the way, but that wouldn’t be life, would it? We stumble and if we’re brave, we pick ourselves back up and continue to “keep on swimming.” 

That’s all we can do, and it’s going to have to be good enough. 

Don’t judge me. It was the most fitting meme I could find for this post. 😂

*tough,  grueling, pain staking, daunting, etc.


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