My Slow Descent Into Health

Day 173

It’s crazy that controlling one’s self with food can be such an issue. I’m doing really well right now, but I’m am* really pretty shocked and disappointed looking back to even a week ago. I was doing so poorly and felt almost sickly every day but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I wanted to but the motivation wasn’t there. 

Now I’m doing really well. I’m eating infinitely better food, and my portions are under control. I’m drinking way more water, and while I’m not at the level of working out I was at when I was going to Crossfit, I am working out. I’m looking at checking out TRX over the summer and seeing what that work out is about. I hear amazing things and so I’m feeling pretty positive about it. 

I had a protein shake for breakfast. I added cookie butter and moringa.** For lunch I went out with Red and had an advocado and chicken salad with a garlic dressing. It was everything wonderful about a salad. Flavorful, great textures, just all around tasty. I ordered some chicken lollipops*** and some other appetizers for my two year old. For dinner I cooked steak and asparagus and it was pretty amazing. When my husband actually says out loud, “This is so good,” twice, I feel like I did alright. I made salmon the other day and Red said she ordered some salmon yesterday and it wasn’t as good as mine. 

Again, not bragging, just- I got skillz. 

It isn’t even really something I do that well on my own. I won’t lie. But guys, you would be surprised how well some Google does with helping provide recipes. Throw the word “paleo” or “whole foods” in the search and the odds are the healthier the recipe. 

Another day, another opportunity to make small successes. 

Keep on swimming. 

*If I’m going to be honest here, and I should really try to be. 

** Threw some ice in that sucker and blended it in the Ninja. WAY better than the eggs I have been having every day for literal months. 

*** Something I never even heard of before Bahrain, and I have to say, I am a fan. 


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