My Slow Descent Into Health

There are moments when being more discriminate could be useful. 

My Crossfit coach has left for the summer. Understandably, we do live in Bahrain, and it is currently BALLS HOT. Even if Ass Kicker was still here,  I’m dead sure since she has an outdoor gym, we wouldn’t be out there. 

I did stop working out for something close to two months. I would throw in what I could motivate myself to do here and there, but it was pretty minimal. I would convince myself I was eating well but the minute someone said something like, “Dairy Queen delivery?” I was all over it like sugar ants are in kitchens at the beginning of summer. 

Then in a kind of compulsive EP (exercise paraphernalia) purchase, I saw a Fitbit on sale and said, “Eff it. Worth a shot.” 

My Fitbit combined with my summer room mate has honestly gotten me back on track. I’ve lost the pounds I gained in a matter of about two weeks. My summer room mate, “Red,” is a sassy little 19 year old with energy for days and motivation that rivals my kids asking for ice cream. She has got me running 3 miles every day and though at first I wanted to die, now I’m actually getting a little better and starting to be motivated myself. The Fitbit has a calorie tracker that seriously leaves My Fitness Pal in the dust. It tells you about where you should be for calories through out the day instead of one lump total that you get to figure out.* It’s interactive and changes the daily decisions you make about stairs, or walking, or parking, all so you can reach and excel your daily goals. A friend of mine said, “Fitbit owns me!” And I agree. It does! But in the best way possible. 

Now, to the point of why I started today’s blog. My zen moment if you will: 

I indiscriminately buy work out clothes from the sale rack. If it’s in my size and a good price, consider it bought. 

The problem? I now am a (semi)proud owner of a pair of running pants I have named “The Twedgy Pair.” They ride up my front like I owe them money. And you know what? I still wear them but just with a longer work out shirt. Why? I don’t know. It’s probably a mix of being some sort of masochist and cheapskate. But in the future, I will be trying work out clothes on before buying them. Lesson learned. 

* I don’t math good. If your app asks me to math through out my day, it’s already failed at being an app. 


3 comments on “There are moments when being more discriminate could be useful. 

  1. Athletic Aspirations
    July 1, 2015

    I empathise… not so much the masochist (a contradictory point of view for a CrossFitter?) more the cheapskate, BUT whether it’s “balls hot”, raining, running in mud, flipping tyres, sale rack or not, it’s going to get dirty, sweaty and stretched… it’s why I can’t have nice things! 😥


    • Noel Marie Ross
      July 1, 2015

      Seriously contradictory! Hahaha And that’s exactly why I do it. True story, just last week I ran three miles on an indoor track. My friend came in when I was done and told me I had a sticker on my bottom. It wasn’t “sticker.” It was a nice little hole on the side. Everyone knew what color I was wearing that day! I went and bought three more pairs of work out pants. That’s the appropriate reaction, right? Hahahaha

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