My Slow Descent Into Health

Sweat Mustache Challenge (Roll with it) 

The treadmill that came with my villa works, but it’s also broken in a fun and interesting (sarcasm, I don’t math, remember?) way. I can tell how long I’ve been running, and if I pay attention to the buttons I push, I can tell how fast I’m going. However, I have no idea how far I’ve gone. So it kind of makes my walk/run until three miles program null and void. *

I managed to math (I.e. Call my engineer Dad and have him math for me) how long I have to run at my pace to reach three miles, so I actually ran out the whole three miles with a couple stops and it worked. I like it. 

Mid my work out, I realized, I really need a sweat rag. I probably wiped off my sweaty fave with my shirt about 20-30-500 times. Something like that. By the I end, I realized, if I wait out the last seven minutes of my run with out wiping, I would have one bad ass sweat mustache. 


I mean, check that thing out!! Am I right?! Or what? 

Here. Another angle:

Wait, I got you, here- a close up!! 

Because, really, when we work out- it isn’t sexy enough. We need to make it sexy and own that badassery. 

Got some sweat mustache game?? Show me here, or on my Facebook page here. 

Happy working out!! 

* 4.5 miles for 40 minutes equals 3 miles, plus 2 minutes for a one minute walk and to make up for the couple stop and starts I did in between. 


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