My Slow Descent Into Health

Suckity, suck, suck, sucking. (Let’s be honest.)

So I kicked my game up a little. My Fitbit calorie counter, which again- I love, has a bunch of options for how hard you want it to be. I bumped it to “hard.” So it counts how many calories I have used up in a day and then tells me about where I should be for the day for the acquiesced loss of weight. Being on hard isn’t too bad if I work out that day, but it SUCKS A BIG ONE if I don’t. So that’s some serious motivation to keep getting on that treadmill. Not that my Fitbit owns my life or anything, but Fitbit kind of owns my life. 


Not being able to snack as much as I’d like sucks and practicing the self control to do this also, (apparently the word of the day) sucks. 

Am I the only one that wakes up daily all like, “Am I skinny yet?.. Really though. Am I skinny? Please tell me I’m skinny now.” 

I just want to get to the point where I can bump my caloric intake back up to a stabilizing level and not practice Buddhist Monk levels of self-control every time I walk into a store or restaurant. 

I also bumped up my running speed. I went up from 4.5 to 5mph. May not seem like a big deal but I genuinely thought I was not only going to die, but that I had a 50/50 chance of it being from a stroke or just being thrown off the treadmill and being a giant fat splat on the wall. 

“How’d she go?”

 “She was running and something happened. No one knows for sure. They couldn’t do an autopsy. Nothing there to open.” 

Anyways. I survived. I only stopped a few times in the beginning. Then I tried to pace it by half miles and actually ran one whole twelve minute mile straight.  Starting my runs is seriously the hardest thing ever. I have a new respect for runners. To become a runner, you obviously need to want it. And I mean, want. it. 

Kudos runners. Kudos. 


**One of my favorite readers/writers added this link in the comment section and I had to link it here. It’s tips about that first sucky mile of running. Thank you again! 

Why Does the First Mile of my Run Suck So Much?


5 comments on “Suckity, suck, suck, sucking. (Let’s be honest.)

  1. golddh
    July 6, 2015

    Starting is hard, but finishing is easy. Isn’t that ironic?


    • Noel Marie Ross
      July 6, 2015

      Absolutely!! The first ten minutes are probably the hardest. The last ten I’m practically yelling “Victory lap!!” Granted, also realizing I can’t feel my lower legs anymore, but small price, right? Hahaha


  2. Athletic Aspirations
    July 6, 2015

    I read a post that offered a fairly simple explanation Re “The Suck”;


    • Noel Marie Ross
      July 6, 2015

      Thank you so much!! I’m going to share that on my Facebook page for this. Those are good tips and it’s great to know it’s “normal.” How funny is it that he calls it “the sucking” as well?

      Liked by 1 person

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